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"Seeing Is Believing"--A Fred, George, and Lee POV WPMA Outtake

I am, once again, procrastinating in extraordinary ways. I am supposed to be getting ready to leave for a work trip at the butt-crack of dawn tomorrow, but instead am writing a one-shot. ;)

"Seeing is Believing" follows immediately from Part 5 of "When Percy Met Audrey," and stars the twins and Lee Jordan. (PG-13, 644 words)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! :)

Part 5

Fred put down his stack of boxes and rubbed his eyes. He was either going mental or his eyes were playing tricks on him. He went out into the main part of the shop and called,

“Oy, George!”

“Yeah?” George walked over to Fred.

“I would swear that I just saw Percy.”

“Ha,Ha, Forge. If you’re going to take the mickey, you can do better than that.”

“George, I’m serious. I was getting WonderWitch products out of the storeroom, and I’m sure I saw Percy in the defense section. But he apparated before I could say anything.”

George gave Fred an incredulous look, as he grabbed his arm and dragged him over to the counter. He picked up a whirling green ball from behind it.

“Hmmm. Well, someone did just apparate.” He glanced at other various colored balls in turn. “But the sneakoscope is quiet, nothing on the Dark Mark Detector or the Shoplifting Sensor. And no one’s been in here in disguise, since the Illusion Illuminator is dark."

“Fine. You’ve proven we didn’t have a disguised Death Eater like Malfoy again, but I’m telling you I saw Percy.”

Fred and George heard the door quack, and Lee Jordan came running over to them.

“Mates! You aren’t going to believe what I just saw!

“Lee, I thought you had to get back to work?”

“I do, George, but I had to tell you that Audrey Mitchell is snogging your brother Percy practically in the middle of Diagon Alley.”

“I told you I saw Percy! Show me where, Lee.” Lee and Fred ran for the door with George close behind them.

Lee pointed, and they saw the snogging couple, who shortly after came up for air. Audrey whispered something to her boyfriend, and they both apparated away.

“That really looks like Percy.”

“How in bloody hell can you tell that, Fred? All we saw was the back of his head!”

George turned to go back to the shop, and Fred and Lee followed.

“Well, we know that was Audrey,” Lee said, “I was just talking to her. And she said she had a boyfriend, but wouldn’t tell me who, which I thought was strange. But if it was Percy . . .”

“Percy is not the only redhead in Wizarding London! All we were able to see was that bloke’s hair. Plus that bloke Audrey was snogging was wearing Muggle clothes. I don’t think Percy has ever worn Muggle clothes in his entire life!”

“George, we’ve only seen Percy once in two years. Who knows what he would wear?”

“Well, do you really think Perfect Percy the Pompous Prefect would be snogging in the middle of Diagon Alley?"

“If Audrey would have snogged me like that I wouldn’t have cared where we were.”

George rolled his eyes. “Lee. Audrey did snog you.”

“Not like that she didn’t. Audrey and I were just snogging to have fun because seventh year was the worst bloody year ever. We were never serious, especially since she’d just ditched that bloke she went out with for four years. The snogging we just saw wasn’t the 'snogging-is-fun' sort of snogging. She had her hand on his arse. That was definitely the 'snogging-that-leads-to-shagging' sort of snogging.”

“Lee!”, Fred moaned and clutched his head, “Don’t talk about Percy shagging! Now I’m going to have to scourgify my brain.”

“I still say that bloke wasn’t Percy!” George insisted.

“Okay, George. I bet you 20 galleons that the bloke we saw Audrey snogging is Percy, and that Percy was in our shop.”

“I’ll take that bet, too! “ Lee agreed.

“Whatever. So if that bloke is Percy I give each of you 20 galleons? How are we ever going to figure that out?”

“Well, Audrey’s a regular customer. Next time she comes in here, we corner her and ask.”


Part 6
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