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Two Drabbles: Neville/Hannah and Harry/Ginny

TITLE: A Very Bad Day
CHARACTERS: Neville/Hannah with an assortment of Next Gen kids

DD Winner July 3

Neville dropped his bag, slumped into a chair, and sighed loudly.

"What happened?" Hannah asked, massaging Neville's shoulders, making him groan.

"The Weasleys happened."

"So James behaved today?" Hannah smirked, moving to massaging Neville's back.

"OK, technically one of the miscreants is a Potter, but he's so much like Ginny I forget sometimes."

"What did they do?"

"Well, I never would have suspected Molly . . ."

"Percy's Molly? She's always behaved!"

"Her cousins have finally corrupted her. I was going to recommend her for next year's Prefect, but I doubt she'll be allowed now."

"It's that bad?! Tell me!"

"I was so glad Molly was showing interest in my subject, I was completely duped. While she distracted me with Herbology questions, James, Fred, Roxanne, Lucy, and Hugo picked the lock on another greenhouse, which George taught them how to do. He's a parent, why can't he act his age? Then they stole the baby mandrakes and dropped them on the Slytherin Quidditch Team during practice. The entire team fell off their brooms, and is in the hospital wing, including Al Potter. They could have been killed! Thankfully Minerva was walking by, saw it happen, and slowed their falls."

"The Headmistress caught them mid-prank?" Hannah giggled.

"It's not funny!" Neville chuckled. "Minerva's furious, and banned them from Quidditch. Gryffindor now has a one member team and no chance at the cup, although, I'll have plenty of help in the greenhouses for the rest of term . . ."

"I'll make some tea."

"Minerva gave me a bottle of Ogden's. After surviving their parents, she understands."

Hannah kissed the top of Neville's head. "I'll get the glasses, and you pour."

"I'm skipping breakfast tomorrow. There'll be too many Howlers . . ."

"Good. We'll have a lie-in, and I'll make you forget all about your bad day."

TITLE: Alone at Last
WORDS: 150
PAIRING: Harry/Ginny

hpgw mod's choice

Ginny hadn't sat since the cake. She'd danced with Harry once, then Dad, her brothers, Neville, Hagrid, and Uncle What's-His-Name, who was crushing her feet. Where was Harry? This was their wedding!

Harry pasted on a smile as he danced with Auntie Muriel. Where was Ginny? He wanted to dance with . . . his wife! Harry smiled for real when he saw her across the tent. He danced Muriel towards Ginny.

"Partner swap!" Harry spun Muriel in an elaborate twirl under his arm as he thrust her towards Uncle What's-His-Name, taking Ginny's hand with his free one. Finally!

"I didn't know you were so smooth," Ginny giggled.

"Neither did I—I saw it in a movie once." Harry kept dancing, slipping his Cloak from his pocket and covering them. Invisible, they crept from the reception.

When they were far from The Burrow, Harry removed the cloak and gathered Ginny into his arms.
Tags: drabble, hannah abbott, harry potter, harry/ginny, neville longbottom, neville/hannah
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