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Drabble: Neville/Hannah

TITLE: The Magical Healing Power of Plants
WARNING: Carrows?
AUTHOR'S NOTE: mod's choice for July's week 2 at dyno_drabbles *SQUEE* A Neville plot bunny has captured my brain, so at some point, I'm expanding this drabble into a seventh year Neville story. I already have a few additional scenes written . . . ;D

DD Mod's Choice July


"I have assigned you a special project with a partner. Before our next class, meet with your partner to outline your project for the coming year. Headmaster Snape has given his permission to be in the greenhouses at any time before curfew."

Neville glanced at his assignment Professor Sprout gave him.

Hannah Abbot, Neville Longbottom
Combining magical and non-magical plants in Healing

With the Carrows, Neville knew healing plants would be needed. He looked up and his eyes met Hannah's blue ones. "Can we meet now?"


Neville arrived at the greenhouse gripping his bloody arm, courtesy of several of Amycus Carrow's Slicing Hexes. Neville rolled up his torn sleeve, and washed his arm using Aguamenti. He broke off a piece of aloe plant, and squeezed the liquid onto his cuts. Selecting several dittany leaves, he placed them over the aloe, and waited for results of his experiment. After several minutes, the cuts on his arm disappeared, as did the pain.

Hannah hurried into the greenhouse, holding her hand to her cheek, her eyes filled with tears. Between her fingers, Neville saw blood.


Hannah began sobbing, and flung herself into Neville's chest, her hands clutching his robes. Neville was startled, but wrapped his arms around Hannah and rubbed circles on her back.
When her sobs subsided into sniffles, Neville whispered in Hannah's ear, "What happened?"

"Alecto Carrow happened." Hannah pulled back slightly and gasped, "Oh Neville! I've made a mess of your robes!"

"I don't care about my robes," Neville stated firmly. "Wash your face, and then I'll fix that cut." Neville hugged Hannah tightly and released her. Hannah went to the sink in the corner of the greenhouse. When Hannah turned off the water, Neville handed her a clean towel from the cupboard. After she dried her face, Neville took Hannah's arm and gently guided her towards their plants. He broke off another piece of aloe, and spread the gel on the cut on Hannah's cheek. Then as she watched him curiously, he selected a large dittany leaf, and held it tenderly over the cut.

"The soothing quality of the Muggle aloe combats the harshness of the dittany leaf which usually can't be held directly on a cut, which is why we use the distilled essence most frequently. It takes a bit to work . . ."

"You've tried this?"

"A little while ago. Amycus Carrow happened to me." Neville removed the leaf from Hannah's face. Smoothing his hand over her cheek he said, "There. All better."

Hannah looked into Neville's eyes and leaned towards him, as she ran her hands up his chest. Neville's hand was still on her cheek, and he moved it around to the back of her head and pulled her to him as their lips touched, softly at first, and then with more confidence. Hannah deepened their kiss. After several moments, she pulled back, both of them breathing heavily and said, "Now it's all better."

Neville smiled and kissed her again.

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