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Drabble: Andromeda/ Ted

TITLE: Don't Be Afraid
PAIRING(S): Andromeda/Ted, Arthur/Molly, Remus/Tonks
A/N: Runner up for Week 1 of July's dyno_drabbles. *squee*

Andromeda, Ted, Remus, and Tonks had just sat down to supper when they heard the crack of Apparition. Immediately, the newcomer faced four wands.

"It's really me, Arthur Weasley. During a fifth year game of 'Truth or Dare' Molly snogged Andromeda behind Greenhouse Three."

"Mum!" Tonks released a bark of laughter.

"Why don't you share what mischief you got up to at school, Nymphadora?" Tonks quieted, blushing. "It's an excellent security statement as there was only one witness. Of course, I told Ted, and Molly told Arthur." Ted and Remus chuckled.

"I would love to spend time laughing with you, but I have rather urgent news. You've heard of the Muggleborn Registration Commission, of course?"

"Of course," Andromeda said archly. Ted snorted.

"Today Dirk Cresswell was sent to Azkaban for faking his family tree in order to prove Wizard ancestry. He managed to escape by Confounding Dawlish, and went on the run. If he goes home, Death Eaters are watching and will torture his family. Ted, according to my sources, your summons to the Commission was owled today. With so many who haven't shown up for their 'hearings,'" Arthur made air quotes, "the Death Eaters are coming to collect people earlier than the date stated in the letter. Your letter lists the day after tomorrow, so . . ."

Ted exclaimed, "Merlin's Beard, poor Dirk! So Death Eaters will be here tomorrow?"

Arthur nodded.


After eating quickly, Andromeda and Ted retired to their room.

"I have to leave 'Dromeda. I can't put you and Dora in danger. They went pretty rough on us after the wedding, and we can't risk that again."

"Where will you go?"

"Here and there. I spent my boyhood camping and orienteering. I'll pack some things, and I'll be fine."

"I'll come with you."

"'Dromeda, love, you're brilliant, but you're pants at camping. Remember that time when we were newlyweds?"

"I'll never forget," Andromeda giggled. She placed her hands on Ted's chest, caressing him, as she began unbuttoning his shirt. "Before you leave, there are a few things I need to make sure you don't forget . . ."


"Remus, you're a good man. Take care of my girls." Ted shook his hand.

"I will, Sir."

"Don't cry, Dora. I love you." Ted hugged her.

"I love you, 'Dromeda." Ted kissed her so passionately that Tonks looked away from her parents. "Don't be afraid, love." Ted Apparated.
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