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Drabble: Lily Luna

Title: Stripes
Rating: G
Words: 300 (3 x 100)
A/N: Sequel to my drabble "Yellow and Black"

The first Quidditch Match of the season, Hufflepuff against Slytherin. Al had already told her to wear her own house colors and cheer for Hufflepuff; he understood being supportive of her brother didn't mean cheering for his team. Of course, James, Louis, Fred, Molly and Lucy all played for Gryffindor, and Rose played for Ravenclaw, so she had the same concern no matter who Hufflepuff was playing.

Lily stared into her closet trying to decide what to wear. She didn't own anything yellow, since it looked horrible on her. She would have to wear all black. There wasn't another choice.


Lily selected a black turtleneck and black jeans, but not having black socks or trainers, she had to wear white, so she supposed she technically wasn't all in black.
When she emerged from behind her bed curtains, she saw her friend Cindy wearing all yellow, which went really well with her blond hair and tanned skin.

"I've always hated black; it's so depressing, but it looks great on you, Lily."

"Thank you. I just look awful in yellow. I like it on other people, though."

Their roommate Itsy appeared. "Wow! If you two stand together you'd be the perfect Hufflepuff!"


Lily and Cindy looked at each other, grinning.

Itsy's twin Bitsy exclaimed, "We should all do it!"

"All do what?" Lily wondered.

"I mean Itsy and I should dress like you and Cindy. We can be The Hufflepuff Stripes!"

"What a great idea!" Cindy jumped up and down.

Itsy stripped off her black and yellow striped jumper, grabbed a black turtleneck from her closet, and was then dressed similarly to Lily.

Bitsy also changed clothes to be dressed just like Cindy.

They sat in the stands, Cindy, Lily, Bitsy, Itsy, cheering for their house in yellow and black stripes—together.
Tags: drabble, lily luna potter
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