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Drabble: Bill/Fleur

Title: Directionally-Challenged Ardor
Words: 230
Rated: PG
A/N: Written for Challenge 4 of bwfd_ldws

Fleur's words were a barrage of flaming arrows, flying at Bill quickly and furiously with deadly accuracy. Looking into Fleur's fiery eyes, Bill resisted the urge to duck and hide. It wasn't his fault Gringotts instituted a new policy prohibiting married curse-breakers from working together. Of course, he had known about the change for weeks, and hadn't told his wife . . .Thankfully Bill had the presence of mind to Accio Fleur's wand at the beginning of her tirade, so at least she couldn't hex him. No point in worrying about making her angrier now. Fleur was already doing an excellent impression of a flame-throwing bird of prey.

Bill attempted holding his hands up in the universal gesture of surrender, but Fleur had a seemingly endless supply of blazing arrows. Not that Bill understood one word she was screeching due to the volume and speed of her French. Well, Bill wasn't a Gryffindor for nothing! Weaving and dodging to avoid her scorching projectiles, Bill swiftly approached and captured Fleur in his arms. She pushed her hands flat against Bill's chest with all her might, but he was stronger. He slid a hand through her hair to cradle the back of her head and pressed his lips against hers. After a long, one-sided moment, Fleur's resistance fizzled, she enveloped her husband in her arms , and channeled her passion into far more pleasurable activities.
Tags: bill weasley, drabble, fleur weasley
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