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Drabble Series: Al Potter (GEN)

Title: Silver and Green
Word Count: 600 (6 X 100)
Rating: PG


Al's jaw dropped, he didn't remove The Sorting Hat from his head or get off the stool until Uncle Neville, Professor Longbottom prodded him.

The sea of silver and green ties at the cheering Slytherin table mocked him. He would have a green and silver tie awaiting him in the dungeon. Silver and green? He had specifically asked The Hat to put him in Ravenclaw with Rose and their new friend Scorpius. Dad said he could tell The Hat what house he wanted, but The Hat had refused to listen to him. What was his family going to think?


Al sat at the very end of the Slytherin table. He was the only Slytherin in his family, except for Auntie Andromeda—at least she would be pleased. He didn't even know anyone in Slytherin! He had cousins in every other house, but now he was alone. Maybe he should pretend to be happy.

He turned to the boy next to him and extended his hand. "Al Potter."

The boy shook his hand firmly. "Wilhelm Krum, but everybody calls me Wil."

The food appeared on the table and everybody tucked in enthusiastically. No matter the table, Hogwarts' food was brilliant!


With full stomachs, Al and Wil followed their Prefects—neither of them could remember their names yet—to the dungeon. Al did manage to hear the password for the sliding door, which might be good for tomorrow.

When they entered the Common Room, the Prefects were listing rules and things, but Al couldn't listen. The green-tinted moonlight shining through the portholes in the walls made silver shadows on the floor. The beautiful dance of the silver and green shadows enthralled Al—until a merman peeked through the window, startling him. Al hurried to catch up with the other first years.


The large four-poster beds with lush green hangings and silver ties, reminded Al of mooncalves dancing on the grass, which he had seen once with Aunt Luna.

Al chose the bed next to Wil. Their trunks and other things scurried across the room to the beds their owners had chosen.

"Wicked!" Wil enthused. Al was pretty impressed, too.

Hedwig II hooted loudly at Al. "Just a minute, Hedy, I have to write the letter before you can deliver it."

Al began the letter to his parents. Soon he would know what his family thought of his being Sorted into Slytherin.


After a luxurious night's sleep in his comfy new bed, Al put on his green and silver tie and went to breakfast with Wil, both pleased to find the Great Hall all by themselves.

Hedy, Errol II, and a struggling Pig brought packages. From his parents, Al received a green and silver striped jersey; from Grandma and Grandpa, a green jumper with silver trim; and from Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron (probably mostly Aunt Hermione) The History of Slytherin House and Famous Slytherins. Al didn't need to read his letters to know everyone was fine with his being in Slytherin.


After breakfast, Rose caught up to Al in the Entrance Hall. With hands on her hips, she demanded, "I thought you were going to tell The Hat you wanted Ravenclaw!"

"I did! The Hat didn't listen!"

Rose snorted. "Ravenclaw is brilliant! There's the best door knocker ever! It asks us questions, and we have to answer correctly so the door will let us into the Common Room. We get to learn things all the time, and the older students help, too!"

Al rolled his eyes at his cousin. He'd strangle that bloody door knocker! Al was thrilled he was Slytherin.
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