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Ficlet: Weasley Gen

Title: A Family of a Certain Sort
Rated: G
Words: 794
A/N: I began this for the second challenge of genhp_ldws, but realized about half-way through that I couldn't do what I wanted within the word limit. ;)

"Weasley, William!" Professor McGonagall called.

Bill walked to the stool, sat down, and placed The Sorting Hat on his head. His dad had told him what to expect, so he wasn't nervous. Much.

"Weasley, eh? You are related to Ignatius, Bilius, and Arthur, then?"

Yes, Mr. Hat, Sir. Arthur is my father.

"You look very much as he did at age 11."

Thank you?

"I see a thirst for knowledge in you Mr. Weasley, but also a thirst for excitement, adventure, and exploring the unknown . . . very much like your father. . ."



"Weasley, Charles!"

Charlie glanced briefly at Bill at the Gryffindor table, strode forward, and shoved The Sorting Hat onto his head.

"Another son of Arthur?"


"How many are there?"

Six sons, one daughter. Seven in all.

The Sorting Hat sighed.

"I see all sorts of things in your head. Dragons, Quidditch, quite a bit of independence . . ."



"Weasley, Percy!"

Percy pushed his glasses up his nose, and with his back perfectly straight, approached The Sorting Hat, placing it carefully on his head.

"Ah, you are not like your older siblings, are you?"

What do you mean, er, what is it proper to call you?

"Sir Hat, will do."

What do you mean, Sir Hat?

"You are extremely intelligent, oh yes, but also extremely ambitious and driven. You have a strong desire to prove yourself. As well as a wish to separate yourself from your family. You want to stand out, not just be 'another Weasley'.

What's wrong with that?

"Nothing at all. I can help you to stand out from your family. I believe you would do well in Slytherin."



My family would disown me if I were sorted into Slytherin.

"But you want to be different from them, don't you? Being in a different house would accomplish that goal."

I don't want my family to hate me.

"You truly think your family would ever hate you?"

I don't know. I don't want to find out. Please, I'm only eleven . . .

"All right, then."



"Weasley, Frederick!"

Fred sauntered to the stool, and jauntily tipped The Sorting Hat onto his head.

Hey, Hat. Here's the deal. My twin George and I MUST be in the same house . . . He's next to be Sorted. I'm older AND first alphabetically . . . but we want to be in a different house than our parents and older brothers.

The Sorting Hat had never heard such cheek! So he chose to ignore it . . .



"Weasley, George!"

George looked surprised as he approached The Sorting Hat tentatively. It barely touched his head.



"Weasley, Ronald!"

Ron took a deep breath as he walked forward. He wondered when the troll came in. Maybe he would only have to fight it in his head? He picked up The Hat and put it on.

"Another Weasley. I know what to do with you . . ."



"Weasley, Ginevra!"

Ginny continued to scan the Gryffindor table. Where were Ron and Harry? She hadn't seen them on the train, either. What if something had happened to them? Ron wouldn't really miss her Sorting, would he? If he were off on some adventure, she was going to be angry! They'd always been friends until . . .

"Miss Weasley?" Professor McGonagall held The Sorting Hat out to her.

Ginny blushed, hurried forward, and shoved The Hat onto her head. It practically covered her entire face.

"A Weasley girl, eh?"

Yes. I'm the first in several generations.

"You're different in more ways than by being a girl . . ."

What do you mean?

"I see something here . . ."


"Hmm . . . . You might do well in Slytherin . . . "

NO! How could you think that?!

"Well . . ."

I want to be with my brothers!

"And Harry Potter?"

and harry

"All right, then."



"Weasley, Victoire!" Professor Longbottom called.

Victoire swung her hair over her shoulder as she sashayed to the stool. She sat and primly placed The Hat on her head.

"The beginning of another generation of Weasleys, I see."

Yes. I am the daughter of William Weasley and Fleur Weasley, née Delacour, the Triwizard Champion from Beauxbatons. Both of my parents are Cursebreakers for Gringotts. I want to be a Cursebreaker, too. Did you know that my Uncle Ron, Aunt Hermione, and Uncle Harry are the only people in history to have broken into Gringotts and lived to tell about it? Aunt Hermione co-authored a book with Griphook about the experience. It's quite a good read . . .

"I see . . ."

Do you?

"Oh, yes . . ."

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