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Drabbles: My Entries for genhp_ldws


Entry for genhp_ldws Challenge 1

Title: All Right
Rated: PG-13
Words: 497
A/N: All of the dialogue is directly quoted from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Neville awoke slowly, fighting to clear the fuzziness from his brain. Why was he on the floor?

Neville thought back . . . Earlier his D.A. coin warmed. He, Luna, and Ginny were the only ones who answered. Where was everyone else? Hermione and Luna guarded Snape while he, Ron and Ginny watched the Room of Requirement. They stood there for at least an hour until Malfoy looked out of the door. They were going to curse him, but everything went dark.

Neville's face hurt from the cold hardness of the floor. He tried to lift his head, but couldn't.

He remembered they found Professor Lupin, Auror Tonks, and Ron and Ginny's older brother Bill very quickly after losing Malfoy. Neville wasn't too clear on exactly what had happened, but there were Death Eaters everywhere, and they were all dueling. The Death Eaters ran up the stairs to the Astronomy Tower, and Neville tried to follow them. That's how he landed on the floor. He hit an invisible wall and was thrown backwards. It had really hurt.

It still really hurt. Everywhere. Neville knew he couldn't move anytime soon.

Shortly after Neville landed on the floor, he was hit with a curse he didn't recognize. He hoped he'd be all right. He felt as if his insides were falling out of his stomach. He put his hands there to hold them in.

Neville became aware of the sounds of the battle still going on around him. He could see other people on the floor. He saw long, bright red hair. Merlin! Not Ginny . . . No, the person looked too tall to be Ginny. Probably Bill. Not any better . . . Neville was disappointed in himself. Instead of being a lump on the floor he should be helping his friends.

"Impedimenta!" yelled Harry.

Harry was here? Good. He would be able to help. Neville heard stone cracking from the spells hitting it, and a window breaking. Neville winced expecting glass shards to fall on him, but they didn't.

"Harry, where did you come from?" Ginny cried.

The person on the floor definitely wasn't Ginny, then.

"Take that!" Professor McGonagall shouted.

Professor McGonagall! Maybe more teachers would come help, and they'd be all right. Neville heard running and turned his eyes upwards with great effort. He saw Snape and Malfoy. They couldn't get away! Something heavy fell over Neville's legs.

"Neville, are you . . .?"

The heavy thing was Harry! Neville clutched his stomach more tightly and tried to speak.

"M'all right." Neville wasn't certain that was true. "Harry . . . Snape 'n' Malfoy . . . ran past . . ." Neville used all his strength but could barely force out words.

"I know, I'm on it!"

Harry scrambled off of Neville in pursuit. Harry would catch Snape and Malfoy, and they really would be all right. With that hopeful thought, Neville gave in to his pain and exhaustion and closed his eyes.

Entry for genhp_ldws Challenge 2

Title: Out of Sorts
Rated: PG
Words: 500
A/N: Contains quotes from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

"Fawkes, hurry up and burn. You look awful."

Fawkes squawked at Gryff, but their potential argument was interrupted by the entrance of Harry Potter.

Even though Harry looked scared, he glanced around Dumbledore's office in awe. Gryff watched closely as Harry approached the shelf behind Dubbledore's desk, Gryff's home. Gryff observed as Harry looked at him strangely, then picked him up and put him on. What nerve! Gryff was pleased Harry was still a scrawny little git so he covered his eyes. Just like last year's Sorting.

"Bee in your bonnet, Harry Potter?" Gryff asked.

"Yes. Sorry to bother you, I wanted to ask . . ."

If Gryff's eyes were visible, he would have rolled them. "You've been wondering whether I put you in the right house? Yes, you were particularly difficult to place, but I stand by what I said before. You would have done well in Slytherin." So many people chose their own houses, but no one knew better than Gryff. After all, he had a thousand years of experience.

"You're wrong."

Cheeky little bugger. Gryff refused to reply to nonsense.

Not that there was time to reply since Fawkes chose that instant to burst into flames. Headmaster Dumbledore arrived and discussed Fawkes with Harry. Why was everyone always fascinated by the bloody phoenix? What a show-off! Gryff did all the work.

Hagrid burst in, waving a dead rooster of all things, and going on about bloody Harry Potter. Gryff always liked Hagrid, though. So unfair he was expelled. Gryff knew Hagrid was innocent, not that anyone bothered to ask him. Ever since the trouble with poor Hagrid, Gryff made a point of speaking up whether or not anyone wanted him to. Hagrid left, a bit embarrassed by his outburst.

After Harry left, Gryff couldn't contain himself any longer. "Dumbledore, you must know that boy is hiding something! I knew he was trouble the first second I sat on his head. There's evil in him Headmaster!"

At Gryff's outburst, all of the former Headmasters and Headmistresses stopped pretending to sleep in their portraits and shrieked in outrage.


"Harry Potter, evil?!"

"Bloody Hat—you're just jealous!"

"Meddlesome piece of fabric—you'd think The Hat of Godric Gryffindor would recognize one of its own!"

Dumbledore raised his hands, "Quiet, please. Gryff, explain why you sense evil in Harry."

Gryff sighed. "There is . . . something disturbing hidden deep within his mind. I've never seen anything like it."

"This 'something'—any thoughts what it might be?"

"Another consciousness, maybe?"

"Harry is possessed?"

"No, a hag tried to possess Rowena once, and Godric had me sort it out, so it's not that. And before you ask, it's not Imperius, either. I've seen that before, too."

Headmistress Derwent interrupted, "Please tell us the stories, Gryff!" The other portraits murmured assent.

"All in good time, Dilys." Dumbledore paused in thought. "I take your concerns very seriously Gryff, and will do what I can to investigate."

Gryff nodded, satisfied. "Thank you, Headmaster."
Tags: drabble, dumbledore, fawkes, hagrid, harry potter, neville longbottom, the sorting hat
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