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Harry and Ginny Drabble

Title: The Laughter of Children
Words: 100
Rated: G

Harry and Ginny stood in the empty lounge of their new home, their arms around each other. They allowed four-year-old James, three-year-old Al, and one-year-old Lily to run around. After all, there was nothing to break.

James and Al chased each other on the field of soft carpeting, squealing in delight. Lily toddled after them, attempting to keep up. Having not yet mastered running, she couldn't manage it. She fell, landing with a thump on her bum. Before she could cry, her brothers "fell", too. All three children laughed as they made a new game of running and falling together.
Tags: al potter, ginny potter, harry potter, james sirius potter, lily luna potter
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