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Another drabble for George's birthday

Title: An Unusual Anthem
Words: 100
Rated: PG
Prompt: music (hpgw100)
A/N: Written for George Weasley's birthday, this drabble is sort-of based on a real life event. Yes, really. ;)

Harry and Ginny sat down together in the pew. "So George and Angelina sing in the choir?" Harry whispered to Ginny.

"Yes, so do Angelina's parents. They've been attending this church for all of Angelina's life, I think."

Harry began to peruse his bulletin. "George arranged one of the songs they are singing?!"

"Oh that's today?! Yes, George mentioned that he had found some ancient chant he really liked and convinced the director to have the choir sing it. Shh . . . the service is starting."


"Ginny? Why is the choir singing 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider' in Latin?"
Tags: angelina johnson, drabble, george weasley, ginny potter, harry potter
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