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An Early Birthday Tribute to Fred and George

I know Fred and George's birthday is April first, but I'm posting this now, since I have time, and might not have time then. So a one-shot and a drabble in honor of our favorite mischief-makers . . .

Title: Getting a Head Start
Words: 1410
Rated: G
A/N: Based on my friend's twins--my real life "Fred and George" . . .

Arthur picked up "The Daily Prophet" and leaned back in his recliner. A recliner really was the best thing Muggles had ever invented, and such a wonderful Christmas present from Gideon and Fabian. It very quickly became his favorite chair, the favorite chair he had ever owned, in fact. He was accustomed to having several children in the recliner with him, but at the moment it was all his.

Molly and Bill had gone to Prewetts' Apothecary to help Fabian and Gideon. Molly worked part-time as a potioneer, usually brewing on Saturdays what they would need for the week, or brewing from home, on occasion. Bill loved to help her by stirring or chopping some of the simpler ingredients. It was easier for her to go into the shop than to work from home, though, because there was much more space, she could brew multiple potions simultaneously, and there were no ickle people to knock over cauldrons, taste things, or "help" . . . Arthur was very much in favor of preventing more trips to St. Mungo's.

Charlie was old enough to help Molly with potions, too, but he had little patience for being indoors. Arthur had let him go outside and take Percy flying. He peeked out the window occasionally, and both boys seemed to be enjoying themselves.

That only left Fred and George for Arthur to watch. George was sitting on the floor playing happily. He sat up at an earlier age than any of his other siblings. He really was a champion sitter. He could even sit for England. Arthur chuckled at that image. George really would sit for extremely long periods of time. It was quite impressive.

Fred, on the other hand, had no patience for sitting still. He had rolled over, and then crawled sooner than any of his siblings. He was now happily circling George, occasionally bringing George a different toy, and they'd giggle at each other. They were entertained and within sight, so Arthur happily read his paper.

After awhile he heard a giggle from the side of the chair. He peered over the edge, to see Fred looking up at him. Arthur smiled and waved, and Fred giggled. Thus began a fun, new game. Instead of circling George, Fred was now circling Arthur's recliner. He'd make a circle, then look up and giggle, then make another circle. This continued for a bit, until Arthur heard a terrified shriek from directly under him. He looked around, but didn't see Fred. George was still sitting and playing in the middle of the floor, but looking over with interest at this new development.

Arthur said quietly and calmly, "You don't need to be afraid, Fred. It's all right. You can just come back out the way you went in."

The wailing continued and grew louder. Now George was beginning to look distressed, too. Merlin! He didn't want them both screaming. He was afraid to move, in case the mechanical workings of the recliner could hurt Fred. But how was he going to get to Fred if he didn't move?

Arthur thought briefly, and then very ungracefully flung himself over the side of the recliner, landing in a heap on the floor. Thankfully, no part of the recliner had moved. He looked under his chair at the still shrieking Fred, and immediately saw the problem. Fred's romper suit was caught up in the workings of the recliner, and he was stuck!

Arthur continued speaking soothingly to Fred, and tried to gently detach his child from the chair. He couldn't seem to manage it, though. He tried to hold Fred with his hand on his tummy while he slid him out, but it didn't work. He tried to unbutton the romper suit with great difficulty and undress Fred to free him, but Fred had grasped hold of one of the metal parts under the chair and wouldn't let go.

Then George apparently realized his twin was in trouble, because he began to scream, too. Arthur was getting a headache and he couldn't think properly, especially with both of them screaming!

He got up briefly to reach for his wand on the end table next to the recliner, put one hand under Fred, and used a severing charm down the back of his romper suit. As he came free, Fred let go of whatever he was clutching, and Arthur was able to pull him out easily, and cuddle him. Cuddled against Arthur's chest, Fred immediately stopped crying, and George stopped, too, when he saw that Fred was fine.

Arthur breathed a sigh of relief, but it wasn't relief for long. Fred desperately needed a fresh nappy . . . and Arthur needed to change his shirt. Arthur looked at George, who had gone back to happily playing with his toys. Since George had never crawled more than a meter before, he'd be fine.

Arthur took Fred to the nursery, changed his nappy, and put him in a fresh romper suit. He considered repairing the other romper, but he was pants at cloth-weaving charms. If he used reparo, the tear would still show. Molly was excellent at those charms, but he wasn't sure he wanted to tell her about this little misadventure. He didn't want her to suggest they get rid of his recliner, after all. He could probably get Fabian or Gideon to fix it for him if he promised to cover for them in return . . . Arthur hid the romper suit under the laundry bin. He'd retrieve it to take to his brothers-in-law later.

With a freshly clean and dressed Fred, Arthur removed his own shirt and threw it in the laundry bin, too. He'd be fine wearing only his vest for the time being. When Arthur returned to the sitting room, George was gone. Arthur looked around, but George was nowhere in sight. All of his toys were still there, but he was not. What in Merlin's name? Arthur had only been out of the room for about three minutes.

He looked out the window, but Percy and Charlie were still laughing and flying in low circles around the orchard like they had been every other time he had looked. So they hadn't taken George.

Fred pointed to where George had been, looked to Arthur, and said, "Ga?"

"I don't know where George is, Son, let's go find him." Arthur kept Fred in his arms as he searched around for George. He checked under the recliner first, but no luck. He checked under, around, and behind everything in the sitting room where a baby could possibly fit, but George wasn't there. Fred grew tired of being held very quickly and started to squirm. He wanted to be moving around on his own all the time. When Arthur didn't immediately put him down, he started to fuss.

"Sorry, Fred. I already lost George, I'm not going to lose you, too." Arthur jiggled Fred on his hip to stop his fussing, as he moved into the kitchen to look for George. George was not in the kitchen, or the pantry, or the corridor, or the loo. He couldn't have gone up the stairs. Arthur went into his and Molly's bedroom.

He began looking around, and then heard something. He got down on the floor with Fred, who immediately tried to scurry away, but Arthur grabbed his ankle to pull him back. At Fred's fussing, he let him crawl as long as he stayed in front of him and within arm's reach. Arthur peered under the bed, and there was George! He had crawled all the way across the house. Fred let out a squeal of delight upon seeing his twin.

Arthur flattened himself on the floor, and reached under the bed. Extended to his full length, he could just touch George's toe. He would have to be in the exact middle of the bed. Arthur scooted further under while Fred sat there looking at him. Great. Now he would sit. He managed to reach George, pull him out, pick up Fred, and stand up. With one twin under each arm he returned to the sitting room.

He put both twins on the floor again, where George returned to his champion sitting, happily playing with toys, and Fred returned to circling Arthur's recliner. Arthur rolled his eyes. He knew twins would probably be difficult, but Fred and George were getting a head start on being double trouble.

Title: Why Fred and George Put Beetles in Bill's Soup
Words: 370
Rated: PG
A/N: Missing moments from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

"So when I'm Head Boy this coming year, I will institute a new policy of . . ."

Fred and George walked quickly until they were ahead of their family and out of earshot of Percy.

"How many times in the last three days has he given that same speech?" Fred whispered.

"Counting this one? Nineteen." George rolled his eyes. "I wish we could "accidentally" lock him in a pyramid. Maybe then we could just leave him here and not listen to his speech for the twentieth time."

"Yeah! I bet we could figure out how to do that! Bill's been talking about all the strange curses on these pyramids, all we have to do is trick Percy into falling into one . . ."

"OW!" Fred and George yelled, as Bill smacked them both on the back of their heads.

"Don't even think of locking anyone in a pyramid. I work here, and received special permission to show all of you these pyramids. It's my job to keep everyone safe, and I don't need you two gits making my job harder."

Fred and George scowled at their brother, but kept quiet.


Fred and George were sitting on their beds in their hotel room, finally by themselves.

"Bill was always the cool big brother. When did he turn into Percy?"

"Dunno, but Charlie gets the title of coolest big brother now."

"Definitely. He's our only cool big brother."

"So maybe we need to lock Bill in a pyramid instead of Percy," Fred complained. "My head still hurts."

George nodded. "Mine, too, but we can't lock Bill in a pyramid. He's a curse-breaker. It'd be too easy for him to get out."

"Yeah, especially since all his friends here are curse-breakers, too. We need to think of something else."

"Oh! I've got an idea . . ."


The noise from Ron's sneakascope competed with the buzz of dinner conversation.

"This soup tastes different than usual. I'm not sure why . . ." Bill wondered.

"I think it's delicious!" Arthur added.

Everyone else just nodded since they had no means of comparison.

A smirking Fred leaned over and whispered to George, "So, should we tell him he's eating dung beetles?"
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