mollywheezy (mollywheezy) wrote,

Victoire Weasley Drabble

Title: Victoire's Sorting
Author: Mollywheezy
Words: 100
Rating: G
Prompt: Sorting Hat
A/N: Written for hp_nextgen100

Victoire had heard for weeks, "Weasleys are Gryffindors!" Victoire was a Weasley, with her red hair and last name, but she was also one-eighth Veela, and Maman had not even attended Hogwarts. She didn't want to be just another Weasley. Was it so wrong to want to stand out?

Other than Hagrid and Uncle Neville, the only person she knew at Hogwarts was Teddy. He was OK. Sometimes. For a boy. Teddy was a Ravenclaw. It might be nice having an older, sort-of friend nearby.

Uncle Neville . . . Professor Longbottom placed the sorting hat on Victoire's head. "Ravenclaw!"
Tags: bill weasley, drabble, fleur weasley, hagrid, neville longbottom, teddy lupin, victoire weasley
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