mollywheezy (mollywheezy) wrote,

Teddy Lupin Drabble

Title: Teddy's Sorting
Author: Mollywheezy
Words: 100
Prompt: Sorting Hat
Rating: G
A/N: written for hp_nextgen100 challenge #7 "Sorting Hat"

Teddy stood with the other first years, thinking. His Dad, Harry, and Ginny were Gryffindors. Harry would love to have his godson in Gryffindor, but Teddy wasn't sure . . .

His Mum was Hufflepuff, but he hated yellow, so probably not . . .

Gran was Slytherin. She'd love to have another Slytherin in the family, but he didn't know . . .

Harry told him the hat would let him choose, but Teddy didn't know what he wanted.

The hat barely touched his head and shouted, "Ravenclaw!"

Brilliant! Teddy smiled as he joined the table for HIS house.
Tags: andromeda tonks, drabble, ginny potter, harry potter, nymphadora tonks lupin, remus lupin, teddy lupin
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