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One of those days . . .

1. I am way more annoyed than I should be about a snarky comment made by a work colleague today. Mostly, I'm annoyed at the herd of people who walked into the meeting right after said snarky comment, so I didn't have the opportunity to respond.

2. I am trying to get the house cleaned up because tomorrow we have friends coming in to town. MrWheezy and I are very happy to see our close friends. They have twin three-year-old boys who are Fred and George in training, and an almost two-year-old girl who is more of a handful than her brothers combined. These kids are my adoptive nephews and niece and I love them dearly and am glad to see them. I am far less glad to be babysitting them in my house while their parents attend a wedding on Saturday. They are all currently potty training, and not being overly successful at it.

3. While cleaning, I thought I would make myself a cup of tea--relaxing, right? Apparently I spilled something on the burner last night which began smoking and set off our fire alarm. Usually I turn off our fire alarm at our alarm panel for the house. The panel is not currently functioning, because we have it disconnected while we are having a very expensive leak repaired. I didn't know how to turn off the smoke detector! So with this extraordinarily loud alarm going off, I called MrWheezy at work to ask him how to turn the @#$% thing off. He told me to get the step stool and unscrew the thing and hit the button. I got the step stool . . . and standing on tiptoe on the top step, could not reach the thing. I grabbed a kitchen chair, which was taller, and tried holding on to the door frame to be MORE on tippy-toe, and still couldn't reach the !@#$ thing. Finally, I whacked it with the handle of the swiffer (mop) I was using and it shut up. I really hope I didn't break it, but at least I can hear myself think. Forget the tea, I'm breaking out the merlot. ;)

*hugs my flist for listening to me vent*
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