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Harry/Ginny Drabble

Title: Say Yes
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Word Count: 498
A/N: Written for Round 4 of hpgw_ldws. I have a feeling I *just* managed not to get voted off, and I'm really thrilled I wasn't. Now I have survived longer than I did in my last ldws. Happy Valentine's Day!

Ginny arrived home from Quidditch practice to find a red box on her table inscribed with "OPEN ME" in white letters. Ginny had already showered but needed to change clothes before her dinner with Harry, but she couldn't resist opening the box. It was filled with pink candy hearts. She selected one, and heard Harry's voice say, "Hello."

Ginny called out, "Harry?" No answer. She popped the heart in her mouth and looked around. She thought she must be imagining things, and returned to her box of candy. Strawberry was her favorite flavor, after all.

Ginny picked up another heart, and heard Harry say, "Ginny". She looked at the heart, and "GINNY" was now written across it in red. She placed the heart on the table. Intrigued, Ginny picked up another heart, watching it closely. As Harry's voice said, "Dream Girl", the words "DREAM GIRL" appeared on the heart. She knew he'd been up to something lately! When she picked up the next heart, Harry's voice said, "My angel." He'd never called her that. Ginny rather liked it.

The subsequent hearts said, "YOU'RE GORGEOUS", "I WANT YOU", "ONLY YOU", "FOR KEEPS", "FOREVER", "I LOVE YOU", "MARRY ME?"

Harry wasn't seriously asking her to marry him when he wasn't there, was he? She tried touching the hearts again, but apparently the voice spell only worked once. Ginny picked up another heart. She heard and then read, "SAY YES". She stared at it, and was shocked when Harry's voice repeated, "Say yes." The other ones hadn't repeated! The candy said, "Say yes," for the third time.

Ginny said, "Yes." She felt a tug at her navel and was whisked away.

Ginny landed rather ungracefully in the drawing room at Grimmauld Place. It was decorated lavishly, and Ginny felt out of place in her jeans and Harpies' sweatshirt, until she saw Harry, dressed the same way. Harry knelt in front of her, took both her hands in his, looked into her eyes, and said, "Hello, Ginny, my angel. You're gorgeous. I want you, only you, for keeps, forever. I love you. Marry me?"

Ginny giggled. "You forgot "Dream Girl". Harry looked confused. "The third heart said "DREAM GIRL".

Harry blushed, "I wanted the heart to say "You're the girl of my dreams" but it wouldn't fit."

"Well, the whole thing was brilliant! How did you do that?"

"Umm . . . I knew what I wanted, and George took care of figuring out how."

"The voice-activated portkey wasn't illegal was it? I don't want you to get in trouble."

"Percy made the portkey—it's legal. Ginny? You haven't answered my question . . ."

Ginny stared at Harry blankly, then gasped. "Oh Harry! Yes! Of course, I'll marry you!" Ginny flung her arms around Harry and kissed him.

When they paused to breathe, Harry reached into his pocket, smiled, and said, "You'll need this then." He handed Ginny a ring box with "WEAR ME" printed on top. Ginny laughed in delight.
Tags: drabble, george weasley, ginny weasley, harry potter, harry/ginny, hpgw_ldws, percy weasley
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