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Two Harry/ Ginny Drabbles

Title: Whirlwind of Pain
Words: 100
Rated: PG

A whirlwind trapped Ginny. The Battle of Hogwarts. Fear. Harry dead. Despair. Harry alive. Hope. Harry saved her Mum's life. Shock. Mum swore. Laughter. Mum saved her life. Awe. Mum killed Bellatrix LeStrange. Triumph. Voldemort dead on the floor. Victory. Hugs and kisses and laughter. Jubilation. Remus and Tonks dead on the floor. Sadness. Colin dead on the floor. Crying. Fred dead on the floor. Horror.

Ginny stared at Fred's still smiling face. Kingsley closed the lid, magically lowered Fred into the grave, and moved the mound of dirt to cover him. Ginny knew her pain would never go away.

hpgw winner

Title: A Brother's Eyes
Words: 296
Rating: PG-13

"Well, I guess Harry has finally taken his head out of his arse, and finally realized the magnificence of our little sister. She is irresistible, you know. Follows in our footsteps after all. You couldn't have missed all of those looks they were giving each other after the funeral. They weren't fooling anybody; even with my eyes all bleary from crying, I could tell they couldn't keep their eyes off of each other. I just wonder how long it will take until it's official?"


"Did you see Harry and Ginny today? I thought Mum was going to go completely mental! I know the bloke defeated Voldemort, but Merlin's pants! Getting caught snogging our little sister in her bed while they are both half-dressed? Ginny should know better than to get caught; we taught her better than that. I thought Mum would have Harry's bollocks in a jar!"


"You aren't going to believe this! Harry proposed to Ginny right in the middle of her birthday dinner. Dad looked really pleased, and Mum started crying. I thought she'd hug them both to death. Good thing she didn't kill Harry that one time she caught them. I guess her desire for future grandchildren overrode her desire to castrate her daughter's boyfriend."


"Ginny looked really beautiful today. I've never seen her look happier, and she could have given Fleur a run for her money with how glowing she was. Come to think of it, I've never seen Harry look happier either. He looked like a man in love instead of the specky, scrawny git he's always been. The git's our brother now. I wish you could have been there . . ."

With a sigh, George turned away. The reflection in the mirror remained silent as always.
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