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Harry/ Ginny Ficlet

Title: A Birthday Assignment
Words: 844
Rated: PG
Warnings: Fluff Alert!
A/N: I am computer challenged and don't know how to link artwork, but the prompt for this story is the Lily/ James picture that also works for Harry/ Ginny over at hpgw_drabbles.

Ginny's birthday was rapidly approaching and Harry was clueless about what to get her. He wanted to get her something for her birthday that would let her know what she meant to him. He couldn't give her jewelry, he couldn't give her a new broom, he couldn't take her out to dinner. Money was not an object—he had plenty of Galleons, but Ginny had decreed that he was not allowed to spend any of them on her present. She wanted something "meaningful". Harry wasn't even sure what that meant. He thought about asking Hermione for advice, but even if he could catch her when she wasn't attached to Ron, Harry didn't think he could stand her smug, knowing looks. He wasn't quite that desperate . . .yet.


Ginny knew Harry was worrying about her birthday gift. In fact, he was worrying so much, she was debating the wisdom of telling him he couldn't buy her anything. She knew Harry was wealthy, and it honestly made her rather uncomfortable. The Weasleys had always given each other gifts that were special, but didn't cost anything, mostly things they made themselves, or sometimes things they did for each other. Fred had always done her chores for a week for her birthday gift. Was it too much to ask that Harry use his heart rather than his Galleons?


Harry was getting desperate. He finally broke down and asked Hermione what he should do. In true Hermione fashion, she gave him a list of ideas with cross-referenced implementation strategies. After much thought, he picked one. He just hoped Ginny liked it . . .


Ginny had not backed down from insisting that Harry not buy her anything. She really wanted to see how creative he could be. She had decided to go easy on him, though, and make a huge fuss over whatever he ended up giving her. She opened his present first at her party—she didn't want him to worry for too long. As she pulled off the wrapping paper, she saw . . . books. Three books to be exact.

Ginny oohed and ahhed and said how much she enjoyed reading, but she was very confused. Did Harry give up and buy her books? Most of Ginny's family looked even more confused and surprised by her gift, but of course, they were unaware of the conditions she had set. Hermione, though, looked about to burst with happiness. Harry was smiling shyly at Ginny. There had to be more to these books, and Ginny intended to find out.


As Ginny's party was ending and everyone was helping to clean up, Harry came over to her, his hands full of dishes to take to the kitchen—Harry still forgot he could use magic, he was so cute—and whispered, "You have to read the inscriptions," before kissing her on the cheek, and proceeding to the kitchen.

Ginny watched Harry head into the kitchen, then picked up her books from the table, and hurried into the garden to sit with her back against the trunk of her favorite tree. She opened the cover of The Complete History of the Wizarding World. It was a really thick book. She turned to the front page.


Thought this might help you catch up. Happy 16th.


This book had belonged to Harry's Mum!


I found these books and many other things in my parents' Gringotts vault. (Yes, it was Hermione's idea. I had to have some help with your request.) This book looks pretty boring to me, actually, but I thought I would enjoy it if you read it out loud. I love the sound of your voice, and you make everything fascinating.


Ginny quickly opened Humorous Wizarding Stories, Part the First to see what Harry had written. Again, his father's inscription was first.


I wanted to get you a present that would make you laugh. You have a beautiful laugh, and I would like to hear it more often. Happy 17th birthday.



I'm not trying to copy my Dad, but you have a really beautiful laugh. Maybe I could read out loud to you and hear your laugh?


Ginny couldn't believe Harry had done so well with his "assignment". She wiped a tear from her eye and opened the last book, Greatest Wizarding Love Stories of All Time.

Dearest Lily,

Might OUR story be included in these pages? Have a wonderful 18th birthday.

Dear Ginny,

This book is very out of date, or it will be very soon. I love you, and I want US to have the greatest love story of all time, Wizarding or Muggle. Happy Birthday!


Ginny picked up all three of her books and ran into The Burrow. She dropped the books on the table, flung her arms around Harry, and kissed him.

When they both needed to breathe, Harry said, "So you liked your birthday present, then?"

Ignoring her brothers' presence, Hermione's giggle, and her Mum's shocked, "Ginevra!" Ginny answered by continuing to snog Harry.
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