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Remus/ Tonks Drabbles for Christmas Cracker Advent

Title: Socks and Hot Chocolate, Part I
Rating: PG
Prompts: Hot chocolate and "One can never have enough socks," said Dumbledore. "Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn't get a pair. People will insist on giving me books." (SS)
Word Count: 289 words
Summary: Tonks discovers a new hobby while she's pregnant.
Author’s Notes: The following two drabbles were written for "Christmas Cracker Advent 2009" at [Bad username: metamorfic_moon"] Special thanks to my dear friend and beta winkielovegood! :D

"Dora, I'm home!"

"Remus! You're early!"

"You don't sound happy . . ." Remus broke off as he entered the sitting room. Dora, and every horizontal surface in the room, was covered in tangles of multi-coloured wool, and numerous small, oddly-shaped objects.

"I wanted to surprise you," Dora sniffed as her eyes filled with tears.

"Don't cry, love." Remus rushed to hug his wife.

"It's just that Dumbledore always said you can never have too many socks, and I wanted to get our baby started early."

Remus continued to hold his sniffling wife as he glanced around the room again. Ah. All of those strange little objects were apparently socks. Right.

"It's brilliant, Dora. I didn't even know you knew how to knit."

"Mum taught me when we were . . . apart."

"Ah. I see." Remus refused to let the mood turn melancholy. He'd had enough of that for several lifetimes already. Dora had forgiven him for abandoning her and their unborn child, and he wasn't going to wallow again. He managed to chuckle, "Well, from the looks of things, our baby will have the brightest and warmest feet in all of England."

Dora hugged him. "I've been working on baby socks for weeks, but I think I'm ready to make larger socks. I thought while I was doing so well, and can't really leave the house much, what with everything going on, I'd go ahead and make socks for every year for our child in case I'm too busy later. I don't have much to do right now other than knit . . ."

"You keep knitting, and since I am hopeless at knitting, I'll make us both some hot chocolate."

"That would be brilliant," Dora beamed.

Title: Socks and Hot Chocolate, Part II
Rating: PG
Prompts: Hot chocolate and "One can never have enough socks," said Dumbledore. "Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn't get a pair. People will insist on giving me books." (SS)
Word Count: 380 words
Summary: Tonks and Remus leave Teddy an unusual inheritance.

Remus and Dora looked down on Teddy lovingly, as he celebrated his birthday tea with his grandmother, Harry and Ginny. Harry and Ginny had left their children with Molly and Arthur to spend some time only with Teddy.

Dora sighed contentedly. "He's really enjoying his hot chocolate. Ginny must make it as well as you."

"He's just like his Mum with his love of hot chocolate."

"He's like you with his love of musty, old books." Dora rolled her eyes. "I'm so glad he's happy."

"Me, too. And I'm also glad you had the foresight to make him all of those socks while we were in hiding. Now he can still have a present from you every year."

"Present from us, love. I may have done all the knitting, but you kept my energy up with the constant influx of hot chocolate." Dora pecked Remus on the lips. When he tried to deepen their kiss, Dora pushed him away, and said, "Watch! He's about to open our box!"

Remus and Dora watched as Teddy, his hair his favourite bright turquoise, tore off the golden bow and bright red paper from his gift, and pulled out 24 pairs of socks in various patterns of red and gold, another 24 pairs in gold and black, 12 in blue and bronze, 12 in green and silver, and 12 that were rainbow-coloured. Remus and Dora laughed heartily as Teddy grabbed the armfuls of socks and delightedly tossed them over his head, letting them shower down around him. Harry and Ginny were giggling, while Andromeda half-heartedly scolded him.

"You don't really think he'll be a Slytherin, do you?"

"No, but Mum was. I made double for the houses you and I were in, but kept the Slytherin and Ravenclaw socks in equal numbers to avoid hurting Mum's feelings. And besides, we gave our lives to do away with all that prejudicial tosh. How do we know Teddy won't have a Slytherin girlfriend? He might need socks to wear for her."

"He's only 11, Dora." Dora punched Remus in the arm as he laughed. "Wait a minute—did you make him that many socks for every year?"

"I was pregnant, in hiding, and bored, so yes."

Remus chuckled. "Well, at least he'll never lack warm socks."
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