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Ron/ Hermione Drabble

Title: The Extra Stockings
Rating: G
Word Count: 333
A/N: Written for rwhg_ldws Interim Competition 3. I just realized that I never posted this on my own journal, so here's some belated Christmas fluff. :)

Ron had to work late, so Hermione was finishing their Christmas decorating alone. The tree glittered with fairy lights (an early Christmas present from Molly). Hermione's cousin had given her a huge box of delicate glass ornaments in all different colors and shapes for her wedding present. She thought it a very unusual gift at the time, but now she realized her cousin was truly brilliant. Their tree was lovely, and they hadn't needed to purchase ornaments. All of them were gifts and were special. When Hermione looked at their tree it made her happy.

Hermione was also thankful for the fireplace in their small flat. Hanging the Christmas stockings over the fireplace had been one of her favorite things as a child. And her plan for this Christmas would not work without it. She hung her stocking from when she was a little girl. Her grandmother made it for her when she was born—it was a white knee sock, with lace around the top, wearing a Mary Jane shoe with a piece of holly tied to the strap with a bow. Ron's stocking had been knitted by his mother. It was maroon with a large blue R on the front. Hermione loved the R because it was the same color as Ron's eyes. Finally, Hermione hung two other stockings she had recently purchased. The first was bright blue and appliqued with a puppy, a frog, a ball and a car. The other was pink, appliqued with a doll, a tea set, and a tiara with a bow and ribbons trailing from the toe. Finally, everything was perfect.

"Hermione, I'm home!" Ron walked into their sitting room and said, "Everything looks great, Love."

Hermione smiled as Ron noticed the stockings. "Why are there . . .? You aren't . . .are you?" Hermione nodded.

Ron let out a whoop, threw his arms around Hermione, and spun her around in a circle, both of them laughing. "This is the best Christmas present ever!"
Tags: drabble, hermione weasley, ron weasley, ron/hermione, rwhg_ldws
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