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"Bones" Fanfic

Title: The Best Christmas Present Ever
Rating: PG
Words: 629
Pairing: Booth/ Brennan
A/N: My first piece of fanfiction for a universe other than Harry Potter. This story contains spoilers through "The Goo on the Girl".

"Angela, I need your help. I drew Booth's name for the Christmas gift exchange, and I don't know what to do."

"First of all, tell me why we are having a Christmas gift exchange in March."

"We're humoring Daisy. Now what should I get for Booth?"

"Tell him you're in love with him. It will be the best present he's ever gotten."

"But I'm not . . ."

Angela held up her hand to interrupt Brennan's objections. "Sweetie, you've been in love with Booth for ages, and he's been in love with you. Everyone knows it, except you. Well, actually, I think you do know it, but are just too scared to admit it."

"I identified bodies in Iraq! I'm not scared of anything."

"Then tell Booth you love him."

Brennan didn't say anything.

"Oh! I even have an idea of how you can do it . . ."


Seeley Booth had been apprehending a suspect and unfortunately had missed the lab's Christmas party. He stopped by on the way home, just on the chance that someone was still there, and to pick up his gift, of course. Since he'd drawn Angela's name, he'd actually gotten Bones to select the gift, so at least his missing the party, didn't mean Angela didn't get a present.

He saw a present in the stocking with his name on it tacked to the lab's wall. There was a small, square package inside, with a tag "To Booth, From Bones". Bones had drawn his name? Seeley hurriedly unwrapped the package. It was a blank CD in a clear case, with Bones' handwriting. "Listen for the clue to your true present."

Seeley hurried to his car to listen to the CD on his way home. The first song was "Hot Blooded". It made him smile. He and Bones had been having fun before her refrigerator exploded and put him in the hospital. As he listened to the rest of the CD, all of the songs, except for one, seemed to have a common link; he and Bones had heard them together, and they evoked fond memories of quality time spent with his partner. The song that he couldn't place was "Meet Me under the Mistletoe." Seeley replayed the song again, and as he listened to the words, he turned the car around and headed back to the lab.

Seeley found Bones in "Limbo" hunched over most of a skeleton spread out on the table.


Bones jumped, knocking into the table and rattling the skeleton. She barely caught a tibia that almost fell off the table.


"Are you O.K., Bones?"

"Yes. I'm fine." Bones gestured vaguely with the tibia.

"You seem very . . . flustered. Maybe I should just leave you to your bones."

"No!" Bones dropped the tibia with a clatter. "You're early. It's not midnight, and I was trying to relax by identifying these remains, and I'm not ready yet. Angela even picked out a dress for me."

Seeley smiled and moved closer to Bones. "Why don't you tell me what's going on?"

"I'm your present. If you want me to be. I mean, I want to be. I love you, and Angela said telling you would be the best Christmas present you could get, even if it is March. So the song was a clue, which you obviously understood since you're here, even though you're early. The mistletoes's upstairs." Bones grabbed a hallux bone off of the table and held it over her head.

Seeley laughed. "You don't need a toe bone or mistletoe or anything else. I love you, too, I have for ages, and Angela was right, you are the best present ever." As Bones put down the toe bone, Seeley embraced her and kissed her.
Tags: bones, booth/brennan, ficlet
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