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When Percy Met Audrey, Part 28

A/N: I said all fanfic besides HPCanonfest was on hiatus until my gift fic is completed, but I sent what I had to my beta, and decided to go ahead and post this, even though I had planned on including more in the chapter. Since I haven't updated this story in a month, Percy was getting impatient. ;)

Percy disillusioned himself as he left the alcove. Fred had been very clever in that. Even though Percy was not technically invisible since he was moving, he thought blending in to his surroundings might buy him a split second advantage.

The corridor was suspiciously quiet, although the burn marks marring the floors and walls gave evidence of recent activity. As Percy neared an intersection he heard two voices, one low and deep, and one high and feminine which sounded uncomfortably familiar.

As Percy rounded the corner, he was horrified at the scene before him. His baby sister was dueling a huge, masked Death Eater. While he was very worried that Ginny hadn’t remained where their Dad had told her to, he wasn’t surprised. He was also quite impressed at his sister’s dueling prowess—she was holding her own against the Death Eater. Percy sprinted until he was behind Ginny. He swirled his wand in a complicated pattern, waved it at the Death Eater, and instantly the Death Eater was stuck to the ceiling, immobilized, and silenced.

Ginny flung herself at him, “Percy!”

Percy returned his sister’s hug. “How did you know it was me?”

“The spell you used, of course. You created that spell, and none of us will forget the time you stuck Fred to your bedroom ceiling for three hours when he was bothering you. That was the only time you ever got in trouble with Mum and Dad, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, it was. Don’t remind me.”

Ginny smirked at him.

“Ginny, you need to get back to where Dad told you to wait. You aren’t of age yet.”

Ginny bristled. “I can take care of myself.”

“I know you can. From what I just saw, your dueling is brilliant.” Ginny beamed at him. “But I need to know my favorite sister is safe.”

“I’m your only sister.” Ginny giggled and nudged him, as they laughed at the family joke.

“Let’s see who we caught.” Ginny pointed her wand at the Death Eater. “Accio mask!” The mask flew to Ginny.

“Yaxley!” Percy shrieked.

“You know him?”

“Yes. You might want to know, Ginny, you were holding your own in a duel against the Head of MLES.” Percy pointed his wand at Yaxley. “Expelliarmus!” Yaxley’s wand flew to Percy’s outstretched hand. Yaxley was unable to speak or move, but Percy saw his face getting red. “Stay away from my sister . . .Yax.”

Ginny giggled. With a hand on her arm to guide her, Percy led her to an alcove around the corner. “Here, Ginny. Take Yaxley’s wand. Keep it up your sleeve, and if you get disarmed you’ll have an extra. Please stay safe.”

Percy knew he couldn’t tell Ginny about Fred right now. Neither of them could afford to fall apart until Voldemort was defeated. He stared at his sister with as much intensity as he could, hoping she would understand without words the need for her to be safe.

“Would you please disillusion me, Percy? I don’t know how to do it.”

“Of course.” Percy disillusioned Ginny, then hugged her.

“I’ll see you later, Perce.” Ginny left him in the alcove, as she went in the direction of, what Percy hoped, was safety.

Percy also left the alcove and went in the opposite direction of Ginny. He knew she would not appreciate being followed, and he had no illusion that he was stealthy enough to pull it off without her knowledge.

Part 29
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