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Harry/ Ginny Drabble

Title: I Want Daddy!
Words: 100
Rated: G

Ginny awoke hearing screaming. Groggily, she grabbed her wand and sprinted to Lily’s room.

“What’s wrong!?”

“There’s a monster in my closet!”

Ginny lowered her wand and sat on Lily’s bed, hugging her tearful daughter. “Sweetie, you just had a nightmare. There’s no monster.”

“Yes there is! I think it’s a chimera like last time. Daddy fights monsters and wins cuz he ‘feated Valdymart and’s Bestest Daddy Ever! You’re not brave like Daddy, or you’d ‘feat monsters, too! I WANT DADDY!!”

Of course, Harry was on an Auror mission. Ginny sighed and carried her crying daughter to sleep with her.
Tags: drabble, ginny potter, harry potter, harry/ginny, lily luna potter
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