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Drabble Series: Harry/Ginny

Title: Don’t Forget to Breathe, Part Three
Words: 100
Rating: PG
A/N: Requested by fbo66. Since this is now the fourth drabble in a series on this prompt, I've reposted the first three to avoid confusion.

“May I help you?”

Harry opened and closed his mouth, but nothing happened. Hermione nudged him.

“Um . . .Errr … Engagement ring?” Harry croaked.

“Oh! How nice for both of you!”

Hermione laughed, and Harry spluttered, “She’s my sister!”

Hermione smiled, “I’m just here to help.”

“Of course. Our rings are over here.”

When Harry saw the variety of rings, he began to hyperventilate.

Hermione grasped him by both arms, “Breathe, Harry!”

Harry’s breathing gradually slowed, and he calmed enough to select a ring.

Leaving the shop, Harry asked, “Any suggestions about the proposal?”

“Just don’t forget to breathe.”

Harry fidgeted with the small box in his pocket as he waited for Ginny to arrive.

Ginny, will you marry me? Too ordinary.

Marry me, Ginny. Too bossy.

Please marry me? Too desperate.

Ginevra Molly Weasley, will you make me the happiest wizard in the world by doing me the great honor of becoming my wife? Too . . . too . . . too much like Percy. Anyway, Ginny would probably slap him if he ever called her Ginevra. Not the reaction he wanted.

“Harry? Where are you?”

“In here, Ginny.” Harry’s voice cracked.

Just don’t forget to breathe.

“That’s the sixth Quidditch play you’ve mentioned. Are you sure you shouldn’t have played professionally instead of becoming an Auror?”

“I’m just interested in your job.” Harry’s voice cracked.

“Is something bothering you?” Harry shook his head.

“Harry?” Ginny reached over to feel his forehead.

The ring was burning a hole in his pocket. He had to ask. NOW. “Marry will you me, yes?”

Ginny removed her hand saying, “Breathe, Harry.”

Harry gasped while Ginny smiled at him. Slow, deep breaths.

Harry removed the ring box from his pocket (props always helped) and said, “Ginny, will you marry me?”


Harry enjoyed not being able to breathe for a good reason for a change. Ginny flung herself at him as soon as she said yes. They had yet to take a break for breathing purposes . . .and neither cared.

Finally, Ginny pulled away slightly, took a deep breath, and smiled. “Why were you so nervous? You knew I’d say yes. I’ve loved you forever.”

“Well, we’d never talked about marriage, and I didn’t want to mess up your proposal . . .”

Ginny giggled. “Oh, Harry.” She leaned forward to kiss him again.

“Don’t forget to breathe,” Harry teased.
Tags: drabble, ginny weasley, harry potter, harry/ginny, hermione granger
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