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Rose/ Scorpius One-shot

Title: "And England Is Through!"
Words: 2424
Rating: PG-13? R? (Anyone know the criteria for rating stories? Please enlighten me . . .)
A/N: This story was inspired by a fabulous piece of art by the same name. "And England Is Through!" was drawn by rotae for smrw_ficafest and can be found here.

I used the same title to make the connection to rotae's art explicit, and because I stink at coming up with titles. ;) Thank you rotae for inspiring my first ever piece of Rose/Scorpius fic. :)

Thanks also to my beta-reader winkielovegood for her willingness to help me with a fic that isn't exactly her cup of tea. *hugs*

Rose could not believe her eyes as she looked at the letter she was holding.

Dear Miss Weasley,

Due to your superior performance for the Holyhead Harpies over the last Quadrennium, we are pleased to invite you to be the first-string Keeper for England for the 2034 World Cup competition . . .

She had to read the sentence about eight times before it began to sink into her brain. She had not been invited to the ’26 England Team, and was only on the Reserve Team in ’30. Now after playing professionally for nearly a decade, she had made it.

“YES!” Rose shrieked, throwing the letter into the air and beginning to dance around her flat. Crookshanks, Jr., affectionately known as “Shack” since Rose was unable to pronounce the “nk” sound when she was a child, meowed and fled to hide under her sofa, his yellow eyes peering up at her.

Rose laughed, got down on her knees, and began to cajole her cat to come out from under her sofa. Shack acquiesced, and in a fit of giggles, Rose pulled him to her and began to dance around the room holding him.

She finally collected herself enough to retrieve her letter from the floor, and read the rest of it. Rose had been hoping it would list the other members of the team, but it didn’t. There was the practice schedule, a list of rules (blech!), her contract, and an admonition to tell no one except for immediate family until the press conference following the first practice. She was a Weasley—immediate family included at least fifty people, right? She had to tell her Dad first.


Scorpius’ mouth fell open in surprise as he read the letter.

Dear Mr. Malfoy,

Due to your superior performance for the Chudley Cannons over the last Quadrennium, we are pleased to invite you to be the first-string Seeker for England for the 2034 World Cup competition. We request that you please read over the rules and regulations for the team on the second page of this missive, then sign the contract on page three and return it to us as soon as possible.

Yours Sincerely,

Ludo Bagman
Department for Magical Games and Sports
Ministry of Magic

Scorpius held the letter as if it were a fragile treasure. He was smiling so widely his face was beginning to hurt. He had not been invited to the England Team in ’26 and although he was a Reserve player in ’30, he was injured so early in the competition that he had to be replaced. Now he had finally made it. He needed to go tell Father the good news.


Since it was Saturday, Rose hoped she would find her Dad at home. Of course, she wanted to see her Mum, too, but her Dad had always been her biggest fan, with her Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny being close seconds. Her Dad had taught her how to fly on the broom Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny gave her for her first birthday. Her Mum had kittens when she caught them, but by then, it was too late as Rose was hooked on flying. Dad taught her to play Quidditch in the family games as a child, and he coached her when she tried out for her house team at Hogwarts. He was so proud when she made it her third year, and prouder that she was playing his position, and prouder still when she became Quidditch Captain in her seventh year. Then when she made the Harpies straight out of Hogwarts Dad and Aunt Ginny were both so proud they could burst.

Rose apparated to her parents’ kitchen, and called, “Dad!”

“I’m right here, Rosie, no need to shout.” Rose turned around to see her Dad sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee. “What’s the matter?”

“Why would anything be the matter?” Rose could hardly contain her smile and giggles.

“Well, the fact that you apparated here yelling for me in your pajamas for one.” Ron smirked at her.

Rose looked down at herself, blushing when she realized, that in all of her excitement, she had forgotten to get dressed. She didn’t care.

“I made the England Team—first string Keeper this time.” Rose smiled widely and bounced in place unable to contain herself.

Ron let out a huge whoop, leapt up, knocking his chair over in the process, grabbed his daughter in a bear hug, and swung her around. “That’s bloody brilliant, Rosie!” Ron gave her a smacking kiss on the cheek, and Rose giggled. “I’m going to make sure every single person I know is there to see my daughter win the World Cup!”

“Thanks, Daddy. Where’s Mum?”

“Er . . . Your Mum had to go in to work for a bit. She should be back soon . . . I could send her a patronus if you like.”

Rose stepped back and looked at her Dad suspiciously. His ears were red. Rose was about to ask what he was hiding, but then it dawned on her. “Mum’s going over the player’s contracts as head of MLES, isn’t she?”

“You always were the smart one, Luv. Yes. Your Mum actually wrote the contracts based on what the coach wanted in the rules.”

“So Mum knows who else is on the team!”

“You know she can’t tell you. And unfortunately, you can’t tell anyone else until after the press conference. Only your Mum, Hugo, and me count as immediate family. And since Hugo’s on his honeymoon who-knows-where . . .”

“Well, I’ll just have to celebrate with you then, Dad. I’ll go get dressed and be right back.” Rose kissed Ron on the cheek and apparated away.


Scorpius apparated into his parents’ kitchen. Both his Mum and his Dad were at the table lingering over their coffee and The Daily Prophet.


“Hello Father, Mother. I have some good news.” Scorpius paused, looking at the expectant faces of his parents. “I am the first string Seeker for England.”

“Oh that’s wonderful, darling!” Scorpius’ Mother ran over to hug him tightly.

“I’m proud of you, Son.” Scorpius’ Father grasped his shoulder. The Chudley Cannons had not been Draco’s first choice for Scorpius, but he had been supportive. It helped that the Cannons had finally won the League in 2022—after losing for only 130 years. Seeing the love and pride in his Father’s eyes, Scorpius had never been happier.


Rose arrived early for Team England’s first practice. She couldn’t wait to see who else had made the team. She didn’t have to wait long. She head a pop and shrieked when she saw her cousin James.

“Rosie-Posey!” He screamed.

“You know you aren’t allowed to call me that, Jimmikins.” Rose hugged him.

“OK, OK. No Rosie-Posey and no Jimmikins.”


James was playing first-string Chaser. He had changed Quidditch teams quite a few times, and this was the first time he had made it, coming from the Appleby Arrows, the team who had kept him the longest. As the rest of the team arrived, the only other person Rose knew was Scorpius Malfoy. They had both been Hogwarts’ Prefects and Captains of their respective House Teams. Rose had always gotten on well with Scorpius, even though she had not seen him for several years. He was looking very fit . . .

Rose had at least heard of the coach, Oliver Wood. Uncle Harry had told her a number of stories, most of which weren’t very pleasant, unfortunately.


To begin the practice, Coach Wood felt it necessary to reiterate all of the rules they had agreed to follow when they signed their contracts. There were so many rules that Rose was not exactly paying attention. She had read them, with her Mum’s encouragement, before she signed her contract, but most really didn’t apply to her. The Harpies had strict rules, too, so Rose was used to following them.

The entire team listened in a stupor until Wood came to Rule #37—No sexual intercourse with anyone, even your spouse, until after the World Cup.

“Oi!” James shouted.

“Is there a problem, Mr. Potter?”

“Yes, Sir. I would say that not having sex for months definitely qualifies as a problem.” Most of the team snickered.

“Mr. Potter, even though I did play on the Gryffindor house team with your father, do not think for one second that I will hesitate to cut you and use the reserve if you do not follow my rules. Is that clear?”

After a mumbled “Yes, Sir” from James, Coach Wood continued with the rules.

Until he came to rule #42—No physical fraternization with your team members.

“Excuse me, Sir,” Scorpius spoke up, “What does ‘physical fraternization’ mean?”

“Good question, Mr. Malfoy. ‘Physical fraternization’ means you are not to even touch any of your team members in any way unrelated to the sport of Quidditch.”

“So we can have sex with a team member as long as it is on a broom in the middle of a game?” James asked. The rest of the team chuckled.

“Mr. Potter, I will cut you from this team if you do not cease with your inane questions. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!”

“Yes, Sir,” James replied meekly.

Rose knew Oliver Wood was not someone to be trifled with.


As the team had so many rules governing what they could and could not do, they tended to all go out together in a large group. They weren’t allowed to do anything that most young people would consider fun, so they went to a pub after practice, ordered sparkling pumpkin juice, and talked and joked while remaining sober until it was time for curfew. Occasionally they would hear a new band, and would dance together, in a group, without touching each other (there was no slow dancing allowed, of course), but they were at least getting to know each other and having fun together. Rose realized she was really becoming quite fond of Scorpius Malfoy—even to the point of fancying him.


It was during practice one day that Scorpius’ feelings for Rose were confirmed. She was guarding her hoops, when he suddenly crashed into her and knocked her to the ground. He ended up lying on top of her, their bodies pressed together, but in his hand, he held the Golden Snitch which had been buzzing around by her ear. He knew he had to move off of Rose quickly or he would embarrass himself.

Wood yelled at them, “I said no physical fraternization among teammates!”

Scorpius responded, “We’re not fraternizing—I caught the snitch!” But even though he spoke the truth, Scorpius rather wished that ‘fraternizing’ was NOT against the rules.


Oliver Wood’s coaching style was insane, his rules were insane, but he achieved the desired results. Team England was rising through the ranks very rapidly, and was going to be in the final match to decide the World Cup. The entire team and their families and friends, any spectators who wanted to attend, actually, traveled to the stadium in Argentina for the deciding match: England vs. Liechtenstein.


As the match was about to begin, Rose was a bit nervous. Especially when she looked into the stands and saw her dad sitting next to Scorpius’ dad, and her Uncle Harry sitting next to Scorpius’ Grandmother Narcissa Malfoy. The seats in the family section were strictly regulated and assigned—there was no changing seats. Rose was pleasantly surprised that her family and Scorpius’ family were all speaking to each other in a civil manner. She knew there had been some bad blood between them because of the War when they were younger but she was not entirely sure why.


During the match, Rose could only concentrate on not letting anything through her hoops. She managed to block everything the Liechtenstein chasers threw at her. She wanted to win so badly that she couldn’t afford to let her concentration lapse for even a second. During a lull in the chaser action she saw Scorpius execute a perfect Wronski Feint. The seeker from Liechtenstein actually crashed into the ground so hard that he was out of the game, and the reserve player was called in. She really thought England had a good chance of winning.


After several hours of hard playing, Scorpius caught the snitch. The crowd went wild. Rose could see her Dad and Mr. Malfoy jumping up and down next to each other and screaming. Her Uncle Harry hugged Scorpius’ Granny Narcissa, then thoroughly snogged her Aunt Ginny, as her Dad kissed her Mum, and Scorpius’ dad kissed Scorpius’ Mum. Her Uncle George had one arm around her Auntie Angie while he snogged her, and in his other hand was holding a Confetti Conflagration Cannister.

Rose’s teammates were all screaming that they had done it. They were flying circles around each other in jubilation. Rose joined in and found herself crashing into Scorpius, and not for the first time. The difference was that this time, the rules were irrelevant. While Scorpius was holding the snitch aloft, Rose kissed him. She almost fell off her broom, so she grabbed Scorpius’ waist and his broom handle to keep herself from falling. She had never snogged anyone while airborne before, and it was not easy to keep her balance.

Scorpius seemed to have better balance than she did, and only gently caressed her cheek while holding the snitch in his other hand. Rose realized the hold she had on the handle of Scorpius’ broomstick was bordering on the inappropriate, but she really didn’t care. She had wanted him since she had seen him at the first practice, and now he was in her arms—she planned to keep him there. She WAS a Keeper after all.

Scorpius was thrilled. He’d just caught the snitch, won the match, and had the girl of his dreams in his arms kissing him. When Rose pulled away, and he became aware of James’ silly chant, he grinned at her and said, “Shall we?”


Rose pulled away from Scorpius to shake some of Uncle George’s wiggling confetti out of her hair. She heard thousands of people chanting, “Get. A. Room! Get. A. Room!” Most of their teammates were laughing as her cousin James was leading the entire stadium in the chant. Rose was going to KILL her cousin. But first, she was going to take his advice . . .
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