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Harry/Ginny Fic

I decided to participate in The Passage of Time Challenge over at hpgw_otp. There will be a list of all the fics and art compiled by Ginny's birthday (I think.) YAY for lots of H/G fic! :)

Title: Just a Matter of Time
Words: 782
Rating: PG-13
A/N: Trace Adkins owns the song "Hot Mama" and JKR owns the entire Harry Potter universe. No copyright infringement is intended on either of them.

Just a Matter of Time

Harry was in a good mood. With all three children at Hogwarts now, he felt like he and Ginny were newlyweds again. He sang along to some of his favorite Muggle music while he cleaned the kitchen. Ginny had gone to get ready for the Ministry Ball that evening. It had been a long time since they had gone anywhere that required dressing up. Harry would never have believed he would feel this way, but he was actually looking forward to the Ball, if only because it meant he would get to see Ginny in her sexy dress robes, or a sexy dress. She was upstairs deciding which one to wear right now.


Ginny was in a horrible mood. She stood in only her bra and knickers staring at herself in the floor length mirror. She was disgusted by what she saw. How had this happened? And how had she not noticed? Her breasts were sagging, her stomach was covered in stretch marks, and what had happened to her arse?! It used to be tight and firm, and now it was large and saggy like her breasts.

She quit staring at herself and wrapped up in her soft, fluffy dressing gown. She sighed as she went to her armoire to see what she had to wear tonight. She pulled out her favorite fancy Muggle dress. It had been a couple of years since she had worn it. She stepped into it, pulled it up, and it wouldn’t zip. Ginny grunted in frustration, then sucked in her stomach, held her breath, and tried the zipper again. The zipper moved about a centimeter, but there was no way it would close. Ginny snarled, scrambled out of the dress, and left it in a heap on the floor. She removed her favorite dress robes next. She managed to button them, but they were so tight across her chest that she couldn’t breathe, and her breasts were threatening to pop out. When did she get so much cleavage? And where was it when she was younger and would have wanted it. Merlin! She could hide her wand in there! She took off the robes, and let them join the dress on the floor.

Two more dresses and three more sets of robes landed in the pile before Ginny found something that fit. She hated this dress! Hermione’s mother had given it to her, and she looked dumpy in it. Well, it was just a matter of time. Her mother had been petite, but had not remained so after seven children. After three children, Ginny was no longer petite, either. She returned the dress to the armoire, put her comfortable dressing gown back on, and headed downstairs to see what Harry had gotten up to.


Ginny did not feel like attending this stupid ball tonight. She couldn’t believe that Harry was looking forward to it. What in Merlin’s name had gotten into him anyway? And what was that infernal noise?!

“Would you PLEASE shut it! Your singing sounds like a hippogriff in heat! And what is that screeching coming from the wireless?!”

Harry flicked his wand at the wireless to turn it off. “I like American Muggle country music,” Harry pouted.

“What in the world was that bloke singing anyway? I couldn’t even understand him.”

“It’s a man singing to his wife that she’s a hot mama and turns him on even after many years of marriage. He wants them to steam up the room like a sauna.” Harry grinned and waggled his eyebrows at Ginny as he crossed the room to embrace her.

Ginny pointed her wand at Harry. “Don’t touch me, Potter, or I might have to hex you. This is all your fault!”

Harry’s smile vanished. “What have I done now?”

“You got me pregnant three times which has turned my body into this!”

Harry just looked confused. “Help me out here, Ginny.”

“I don’t have anything to wear tonight because nothing fits me! And I didn’t know that nothing fit me, so I don’t have time now to go buy something. I’m fat and unattractive and not the girl I used to be . . .”

Harry cut off Ginny’s tirade with a searing kiss. “And I’m not the boy I used to be, but I love the woman standing in front of me even more than I loved the girl I married. I don’t care if your robes don’t fit, and we can skip the Ministry Ball if you want. I only care about you.”

This time Ginny kissed Harry, and he pushed her dressing gown off of her shoulders. She was fairly certain they would be missing the Ball.
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