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Ron and Hermione Drabble

OK. The majority of folks who responded to my poll wanted me to post my rwhg_ldws drabble in the form in which it was submitted, and also post the longer version later. So, here's the drabble. Longer version to follow . . . sometime. Probably soon. ;)

Hermione, both hands tightly bandaged, frowned at Ron from her hospital bed.

“Don’t worry, Love. Rose is fine with Mum.”

“I can’t use my hands for weeks!”

“I’ll feed you.” Ron grinned playfully.

Hermione smiled weakly. “Please send your mum to cut my hair short.”

Ron looked dismayed. “You want to cut your hair?!”

“I can’t even brush it myself!”

“I’ll brush it for you.” Ron took Hermione’s hairbrush from the nightstand and climbed into bed behind her. As Hermione leaned back against his chest, Ron kissed the top of her head and began gently brushing her long, curly hair.

100 Words
Tags: drabble, hermione weasley, ron weasley, ron/hermione, rose weasley, rwhg_ldws
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