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I've Been Drabblin' . . .

I've written four Drabbles in the past few days, one for the "first line" meme and three for the Percy Weasley Drabble-a-Thon at hp_wishes. I didn't actually ask for any wishes, just answered them. A drabble won't answer my three wishes (below), but I might pick some first lines for the meme . . .

1. To survive another week in rwhg_ldws
2. That my idea for the H/G time fest I signed up for will work out. It's my first fest and my first time writing H/G . . .
3. That I will finish my WIP. It began as a one shot and is now 35,000 words and counting . . .

Without further ado, here are the drabbles.

Hannah rummaged in her purse frantically. Oh. The D.A. coin. Damn! The line behind her was growing, Florean was waiting, and she could hear the other customers grumbling. She knew her face was red. She was going to have to admit to not being able to pay for her milkshake.

The grumbling suddenly became much louder. As Hannah was gathering her courage to admit her mistake, she heard, “Excuse me? I would like to pay for this woman’s milkshake.”

Hannah turned to see Percy Weasley standing behind her. She smiled brightly at him as she told Florean, “Two straws please.”

Words: 100
Rating: PG
Pairing: Percy/Hannah
Written for: phil_urich
A/N: I envision this happening sometime during HBP . . .

Audrey’s hair was matted with sweat, she had dark circles under her eyes, and the baby was screaming like a banshee. Percy had never seen anything more beautiful.

When the baby settled, Audrey handed her to Percy. Percy had held Ron and Ginny, but his mum or dad had been there to ensure their safety. Now he was responsible. He took his daughter, cradling her gently. Her wispy fuzz was the exact same color as his hair. In that moment, Percy no longer aspired to become Minister of Magic. He just wanted to be the best daddy ever.

“Hi Molly.”

Words: 100
Rating: PG
Pairing: Percy/Audrey
Written for: megan29

“Excuse me. Mr. Weasley?”

“Scorpius, you are welcome to call me Uncle Percy.”

“Okay. Uncle Percy. Rose said I should talk to you.”

“What’s on your mind, Scorpius?”

“How did you reconcile with your family? My father hasn’t spoken to me since the wedding. He answers my owls, but only with formal, stilted replies. I miss him.”

“I was horrible to my family, Scorpius, and they forgave me and welcomed me back when I apologized. I know your new family is difficult for your father to accept, but you have done nothing wrong. Hopefully he’ll have a change of heart.”

Words: 100
Rating: PG
Characters: Percy and Scorpius
Written for: drcjsnider

“There is a stack of work that has piled up during the days you were away at a conference, Mr. Weasley.”

Percy felt weary looking towards his desk. “Thank you, Irene. I’ll get to work.”

Irene left with a brisk nod, and Percy stared at the pile. Had the conference really been worth the mess of papers in front of him?

Percy smiled as he thought of Audrey, who had come to join him at the boring conference. Oh, yes. It had definitely been worth it. With thoughts of his beautiful and sexy wife, Percy began whittling down the pile.

Words: 100
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Percy/Audrey
Written for: pili204 "First Line Meme"
Tags: drabble, hannah abbott, molly weasley ii, percy weasley, percy/audrey, rose/scorpius, scorpius malfoy
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