mollywheezy (mollywheezy) wrote,

We're on our way

I'm still alive and waiting for the shuttle to board the ship. Pictures this morning went well with all 18 of us but honestly my oldest BIL and SIL and drama with legs. :P

Nancy's memorial service was last Saturday and went well. Afterwards we went out for dinner for Father's day and my friend S and her husband and my friend C joined us. Pics later when I have a computer and not just my phone. ;)

I have been the adulting queen this week and stuff is looking much better with being the executor of Nancy's estate. Her lawyer even gave me a 40% discount since she loved Nancy. Awww. And that was after the price she quoted me was half what I was expecting. I told her that and that I could pay her and she insisted on the discount as a way to honor Nancy. :)

So we are off for our first cruise ever. I will not have internet for the week but am sure I will have tons to tell you when we get back. Love y'all!!!
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