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When Percy Met Audrey, Part 17

Have y'all noticed I always write and post more when I am procrastinating? ;)

Part 16

Percy stood across the street staring. He could not believe what he was about to do, but he had been unable to think of anything else. He really wanted to get Christmas presents for Aunt Gussie and Neville, and this was what he had come up with. The longer he stood there, the more insane the plan seemed, so he decided to get on with it before he gave up.

With his wand, Percy drew a small diagram in the air, then conjured a needle and pricked his finger. He put a drop of blood onto the tip of his wand and waved it at the shop across the street saying, “Weasley Revelio!” One dot glowed at the back of Percy’s diagram. Merlin. Only one of the twins was in. He had to go now.

Percy crossed the street to Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. With his overcoat, hat, and sunglasses, he hoped no one would recognize him. He had done some research and knew the twins had protections up against magical disguises, but hoped no one would notice a Muggle one.

Percy opened the door and hurried straight to the defense section. He felt the magic pass over him as he entered, but once again, it didn’t do anything to him. There was hardly anything in the room! When he was here the previous summer, the defense room had been overflowing with products. Percy saw a sign on the wall.

Dear Customers,

We are replenishing our defensive line as quickly as we can, but quality merchandise takes time. If you are interested in purchasing any of the following items, please add your name to the waiting list, and we will contact you when the item is ready. Thank you very much for your patience.


Fred and George Weasley
Proprietors, WWW

Percy glanced at the long waiting lists for shield hats, shield gloves, decoy detonators . . . Well, what did they have in stock? Percy looked around. There was one shield cloak on the rack, two pairs of shield socks, three shield scarves—silk, they were out of the wool ones, and several shield headbands that appeared to be for little girls. That was it for the shield products. Percy decided to buy the lot. He gathered the items, cast Weasley Revelio again—whichever twin it was remained in the back room, and hurried to the cash register. He was outside again quickly. Mission accomplished! And as a bonus, he hadn’t been seen by Fred or George.

When Percy arrived at his flat he spread his purchases over his kitchen table in order to make his decisions in a systematic fashion. He would give the cloak to Neville, but it wasn’t the standard style approved by Hogwarts, so he didn’t want to get Neville in trouble. Someday, he’d have to talk to Fred and George about making shield items that could be used by Hogwarts students. He needed a new cloak anyway, and based on his daily dueling practice with Neville and Aunt Gussie, he needed all the help he could get. So socks for Neville—Percy figured any little bit would help against Snape and the Carrows, but he’d get Neville something else, too. He could ask him later.

The scarves were a very lucky find. One was red with vultures on it—perfect for Aunt Gussie. She didn’t need help with shields or dueling, but it couldn’t hurt. Percy didn’t know if she liked Quidditch, but she liked vultures, so it didn’t matter. The orange one with black polka dots for Neville’s Aunt Enid, who would be coming for Christmas along with Uncle Algie—more socks. The orange and black reminded Percy of the Chudley Cannons. Percy snorted at the thought of Ron in that scarf. Ron loved all things Chudley Cannons, but would NEVER wear that scarf. He hoped Ron would forgive him . . . No time to dwell when there were packages to wrap.

The other scarf didn’t take Percy’s mind off his troubles. It was blue with pink butterflies. It would be perfect for Audrey. She’d like it. Hopefully, there wouldn’t be a need for shield clothing when he next saw Audrey, but he wrapped it anyway, so she would know he had been thinking about her at Christmas.

That left the variety of hair bands. Percy left those unwrapped. He planned to give them to Neville to distribute to Ginny and other members of the DA. He would have thought Fred and George would have completely outfitted Ginny, but they must not have. Ginny would certainly have shared with Luna, and the Death Eaters would not have caught Luna with the first stunner if she were wearing shield garments. Hopefully Neville would convince Ginny and other students to wear them.

With his wrapping finished, Percy began to clean and decorate his flat. Since he had been eating at Aunt Gussie’s so frequently, and would be there for Christmas Eve, he invited Neville and Aunt Gussie for tea on Christmas Day. Percy thought after dinner and an afternoon at St. Mungo’s they would need the new surroundings.

Part 18
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