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So I just ordered a bunch of pacman stuff . . .

1. All I really wanted were some Pacman stickers to decorate my work laptop, but Peter told me that it was highly unprofessional to decorate a work laptop (I know, he's probably right) and I shouldn't do it. So instead of $1 stickers, I just ordered $20 worth of 2 posters, a vinyl decal, and pacman sticky notes. Traci math. It works. ;)

(BTW, my thing with Pacman comes from my friend Dudley (yes, he's really named Dudley, but he's not the least bit Dursley-ish-- he's much more how I picture Neville would be at age 60. Anyway, Dudley always says, "The Holy Spirit is like Pacman and eats up all the bad thoughts." I LOVE that! I wanted to put Pacman stickers on my computer as a reminder not to throw it out the window.)

I actually was going to be nice and order slacks for Peter from Kohl's, but I can't find where he put the Kohl's cash.

2. Well, it's been a bit since I've posted. I love my new coworkers, but having a full-time job for the first time in a decade is kicking my butt! It will get much better, though. I will get used to the schedule, and more importantly, right now, I am mostly doing training . . . all of which is computerized. I'm like, you hired me for my people skills, but I'm sitting here on the computer all day . . . :( Honestly, the first two days of work were pretty bad. I had highlights of talking to coworkers, attending a support group lead by a friend of mine, getting my CPR recertification . . . But basically I spent 7 hours on the computer each day and 3 hours in 2 days on the phone with tech support, which is like its own level of hell.

Thankfully, then I had the weekend to recover, and the three days I've worked this week have been infinitely better! Today I actually got to go see a person! \o/ And tomorrow I will be following the other chaplain around at least for part of the day. \o/ ETA: Following the other chaplain around today didn't happen.

3. My friend who killed his wife and tried to kill his daughter and himself is still in the hospital under police guard. He has been charged with murder and attempted murder. Once he is released from the hospital, probably next week, he'll be moved to jail and held without bond since he "is a danger to himself and others". *sigh* I still . . . just can't get my brain around everything, you know? He is seriously the last person on the planet I thought would do something like this. If someone had told me that I was friends with someone who was going to snap and kill someone, this friend would have been near the very bottom of the list. I would have put myself higher on the list than him. And it's scary, you know? If someone as joyful and loving as he is could snap for whatever reason, I could too. *shudder*

His daughter withdrew from college for this semester. Smart girl. Better to withdraw before she had to pay for classes than risk having to withdraw later. Our quilting group at church is dedicating a quilt for her this Sunday. We give quilts to people needing prayer. There's a dedication on each one that says, "This quilt was made for [the recipient's name] with love, hope and prayers. Each knot represents a prayer said for you." And it's dated. When we dedicate a quilt, it's announced in worship and then before church/after church people tie knots in the strings that are left on the quilt while they pray for the recipient. The idea is for each person who receives one to have a tangible reminder that people are praying for them. At least this is something positive we can do for her.

My Italian grandma and I keep talking every so often. Since she doesn't have a computer I call her if I hear anything more. Her brother died this week. :( *hugs her* Her brother was why I spent hours on the computer finding a book in Italian a few years ago, so they could study it together.

OK. I've been writing this post for three days, and even though there's MUCH more to say, I'm just going to post, cuz at least y'all will know I'm still alive. ;) *HUGS*

ETA: I tried to post this morning, but something with LJ messed up or maybe it was my computer since email wasn't working either, I don't know. But! I finished all of my computerized training and got off work early! \o/

I'm still going ahead and posting this, and I'll begin work on the next post now . . . including my hp_holidaygen story if I can remember where I saved it, and the tech support person from hell funny story, and why I am very much like Neville, at least when it comes to computers . . . ;)

QUESTION: Does anybody know how to find a post that LJ "saved to post later?" I tried to start my book list for this year and posted it with 12/31/13, and rather than posting it went somewhere to be posted on the correct date, but I just wanted it on top . . . I looked at the help menu but nothing even looked similar. Thoughts?
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