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Hopefully I will start 2013 with a new job . . .

My second interview will be Wednesday at 10 AM with the other chaplain and the social worker. The other chaplain called me this morning! :D

I have been largely absent from LJ for the last week for a few reasons, but the main one is that I've been in a complete funk because my boss has reached new lows. I have several funny stories I still want to post, but wasn't in a mood to post funny (although I have done a bit of writing on some of my WIPs in the angstier sections) and I debated posting a long rant about why my boss is a jerk, but he doesn't deserve that sort of word count. :P

When I had made that decision, I started a funny post, and then found out a friend died, so there went funny post. Her funeral was yesterday. She was 90 and had a massive stroke and died in the same day, but she'd had a wonderful Christmas with her family and was skyping her granddaughter the night before she died. I am not sad for her, but I sat with one of her close friends at the service who I'm also close to, and she told me that this year she had lost three of her closest friends and her sister. My heart just completely broke for her. When she says she's lost close friends, she's lost folks that she's been friends with longer than I have been alive. I can't even imagine . . . *hugs her*

I was rather upset that I hadn't heard about having a second interview. But now I have! And I REALLY want this job. I want to walk into my yearly evaluation next week and give notice. Or just outright quit and start my new job the next day. Either one is perfectly fine. ;)

Prayers, good thoughts, positive energy, happy, hopeful job-getting vibes . . . Any and all of the above would be greatly appreciated!

I hope all of you have a happy New Year! *HUGS*
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