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Birthday and Friending and Fic! Oh My!

First of all, a very happy birthday to beckahalli! I'm thankful for your good news this week and hope we can get together soon. *HUGE HUGS*

I am always glad to make new friends and to get to know more people. If you have friended me recently and I have not yet reciprocated, please introduce yourself and tell me why you want to be friends. I will most likely friend you back, but I do want to know who is reading my posts since they have become rather more personal lately. Thanks! :)

If you are just here for the fic, I recommend friending my shared fic community fics_by_mkf. I am currently double-posting everything, but eventually all of my fics will be posted only at the fic community and my journal will be friends only.

Recent Fics:

The Newest WWW Product Line (R, multiple pairings, 599)

A Time to Bloom (R, Neville/Hannah, 5000)
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