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If you are only interested in my writing, fics_by_mkf is the story archive I share with fbo66 and katwoman_68. Eventually, my masterlist (below) will have everything linked to the fic community. Right now, recent stories are at the fic community with links for older stories under construction. :)

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snowwoman hotflash

We're on our way

I'm still alive and waiting for the shuttle to board the ship. Pictures this morning went well with all 18 of us but honestly my oldest BIL and SIL and drama with legs. :P

Nancy's memorial service was last Saturday and went well. Afterwards we went out for dinner for Father's day and my friend S and her husband and my friend C joined us. Pics later when I have a computer and not just my phone. ;)

I have been the adulting queen this week and stuff is looking much better with being the executor of Nancy's estate. Her lawyer even gave me a 40% discount since she loved Nancy. Awww. And that was after the price she quoted me was half what I was expecting. I told her that and that I could pay her and she insisted on the discount as a way to honor Nancy. :)

So we are off for our first cruise ever. I will not have internet for the week but am sure I will have tons to tell you when we get back. Love y'all!!!
percy perfect prefect

Seven Facts about Percy Weasley

OK, I'll play. ;)

1. Percy met Audrey when she came to work in the Muggle Liaison Office at the Ministry. Audrey had issues with her family, too, since she's a witch, and they are Muggles, and was very understanding of Percy's estrangement from his family. Percy realized how long it had been since someone had listened to him.

2. Audrey encouraged Percy to reconcile with his family. He started the process by saying hello to his father in the corridor at the Ministry. Audrey said she was proud of him.

3. Being Muggleborn, Audrey was Undesirable #17, and did not appear for her hearing. She had to go into hiding. Percy was distraught when he couldn't find her, and fretted until receiving a surprising owl from an unexpected person--Neville Longbottom, who invited Percy over and told him, in person since owls can be intercepted, where Audrey was. Augusta Longbottom went to Hogwarts with Audrey's great aunt, her only magical relative with whom Audrey went to stay.

4. With Audrey's departure and observing the ministry hearings, Percy realized with certainty that he had been wrong. However, he had to stay alive and out of Azkaban long enough to admit it to his family.

5. Also due to Audrey's influence, Percy realized Fred and George's products were brilliant, and became a regular customer. He even has a pet pygmy puff.

6. Percy's daughters are Beaters for the Gryffindor Quidditch team. His niece Roxie is a Prefect who dislikes Quidditch. He and George often joke that their daughters were switched at birth.

7. The main thing Percy learned from the war was that work is NOT more important than family. He was very thankful he had the chance to reconcile with Fred before his death, and with the rest of his family at various times. But the first time he held Molly, he no longer cared about being Minister of Magic, he only wanted to be a good dad.

It occurred to me while writing this that most of these are explained in my Percy/Audrey epic "A Year of Worry and Hope." Oh well, at least the universe in my head is consistent. ;)
snowwoman hotflash

Snowflake Challenge

Day 1

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

1. A Day with the Dozen (Arthur/Molly with their grandchildren, 2800 words, PG)

I wrote this for the most recent hp_nextgen_fest and am just managing to get it posted here. This story is a prequel to my entire Next-Gen universe. I plan to have at least one major one-shot for all of the next-gen kids and have an eight year novel going on for Rose, Al, and Scorpius. I will finish all of the above at some point. ;)

2. Castle of Sand (Frank/Alice, Neville and Augusta Longbottom, 4150 words, PG-13)

I had the idea for this fic AGES ago, but didn't manage it until I was inspired by a prompt for interhouse_fest. It is also posted here for the first time.

3. Inadequate Plumbing (Remus/Tonks with Teddy and Andromeda, 3300 words WIP, PG-13)

This was written with a prompt from last year's rt_morelove but I didn't finish this part of the story until mid-March. Oops. I'm hoping to continue it for this year's Twelfth Day event, so I can link last year's story, but we'll see. I have until Friday, so I'll least try to get SOMETHING postable done. ;)

4. Not the Ideal First Meeting (Molly/OMC, Percy/Audrey, 1900 words, PG-13)

This story is actually the third in a series, but will stand alone. The links to the first two are included under this one. It's special to me since rumpelsnorcack wrote it with me! We really need to do something like this again. :)

Day 2

In your own space, share a book/song/movie/tv show/fanwork/etc that changed your life. Something that impacted on your consciousness in a way that left its mark on your soul.

This would have to be the HP series, which probably everyone is going to say. Other than the Bible and some Sunday school literature, the Harry Potter books were the first that my husband and I both read. It opened a whole new world of fun discussing what would happen next and seeing his reactions to the books I had read before I convinced him to join me. We now have read many series of books together usually by listening to them on audio on car trips. We own the HP series on audio and it is very much dog-eared and "well-loved". ;)
Hufflepuff Friendly

Recommendation Post

I've been meaning to do this for awhile y'all. While we are waiting for all of the fall fests to start posting, here a few awesome stories to entertain you.

1. From last year's interhouse_fest, this was my favorite. Susan Bones/Terry Boot is an unexpected pairing (for me at least) and the how they got together story is too fun! :)

Title: Susan Bones's List of Worst Days Ever
Author: katmarajade
Characters: Susan Bones/Terry Boot
Prompt number: 63
Word Count: 4800
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Summary: Petrified on the job, Hit Wizard Susan Bones lands herself in St Mungo's under the care of Healer Terry Boot. He's aloof, never smiles, and can't stand her—or so she's always thought. Frozen but aware, she hears a lot of hospital gossip and begins to see him in a new light.

2. From last year's hp_nextgen_fest, I adored the witty banter and very true-to-life sisterly love and sarcasm between Victoire and Dominique in enchantedteapot's Teammates

3. From hp_getlucky, katmarajade's characterizations of Percy/Parvati and Lavender are absolutely brilliant and the shop Cup of Fortune needs to be a real place.

4. And last but most certainly not least, Eavesdropping by honourweasley12 is the best post-war Molly/Arthur and Ron/Hermione that I have read. It made me both sob and laugh hysterically, sometimes at the same time. Also, this fic was not written for a fest and needs LOTS more love. ;)

snowwoman hotflash

I hate winter . . . :p

I am typing, or attempting to, while wearing a wrist brace since I fell on the ice this morning. :( I fell in my garage. Apparently there was a small patch of ice where the garage closes, and I didn't see it, and face-planted. Or really, face, wrist, and left side of my body planted. OW. I have a scrape on my nose and on my knee, and pretty much all of the left side of my body hurts, although my wrist is the worst since it's sprained. :(

Peter is currently at advanced tango class without me. :( Which stinks even more since classes were cancelled last night for weather.

After falling this morning, I texted my boss and went back inside and went back to bed. After a nap I felt a little better to at least drive to the drug store and buy a wrist brace on my way to work. I was supposed to be seeing patients today in Albertville, an hour away, but I didn't think I could drive that far especially with ice on the roads. Awesome Business Office Manager agreed and told me to take it easy and she would move my visits around. I spent the day doing paperwork and making phone calls and was surprisingly productive. I went to the grocery store for a few things and took a hot shower when I came home. BOM's idea, and it was a good one since I felt much better after.

I had planned to make sweet potato risotto for dinner, but that's sort of hard with one hand, so Peter made us taquitos. Not healthy but oh well. I did well not to buy and eat several bags of chocolate while in the grocery store.

REASON # 7652 why I LOVE my husband:

After offering to come home form work to take me to the ER, which I declined (everyone has the flu--I'd have to have a compound fracture to go to the ER right now) he came home today and said, "Instead of telling people you fell on ice in the garage, you should tell them that we saw the 50 Shades of Gray movie and tried something new that went horribly wrong."

He then said he would share that with our dance class. ROTFL again. I told him he might not want to given who's in the class--he'd make them all blush and/or run away. We just got one shy man to where he'll talk to us. Let's not ruin it. ;)

Peter can always make me laugh no matter what's going on. :)


Happy (very) belated birthday to drcjsnider! I KNOW I had a happy birthday post, and I thought I posted it, but apparently not. Hope it was great and that you've have a great month and will have a great year! :)


The bed situation has not improved. Still. Thankfully we have not seen any mice in traps or out of them, for several days. *knock on wood*


Please keep prayers coming for Awesome Boss! The Corporate Drama of Evildom has worsened. I probably shouldn't go into a lot of detail, but prayers please for the Powers of Darkness to leave us alone, especially Awesome Boss, and that the main troublemakers will be very blessed and prosper somewhere far away from us.


And in very awesome news . . . rumpelsnorcack and I wrote a story together! Here it is: .5c Not the Ideal First Meeting (Molly/OMC, Percy/Audrey, PG-13, 1900)

So I just ordered a bunch of pacman stuff . . .

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OK. I've been writing this post for three days, and even though there's MUCH more to say, I'm just going to post, cuz at least y'all will know I'm still alive. ;) *HUGS*

ETA: I tried to post this morning, but something with LJ messed up or maybe it was my computer since email wasn't working either, I don't know. But! I finished all of my computerized training and got off work early! \o/

I'm still going ahead and posting this, and I'll begin work on the next post now . . . including my hp_holidaygen story if I can remember where I saved it, and the tech support person from hell funny story, and why I am very much like Neville, at least when it comes to computers . . . ;)

QUESTION: Does anybody know how to find a post that LJ "saved to post later?" I tried to start my book list for this year and posted it with 12/31/13, and rather than posting it went somewhere to be posted on the correct date, but I just wanted it on top . . . I looked at the help menu but nothing even looked similar. Thoughts?

Hopefully I will start 2013 with a new job . . .

My second interview will be Wednesday at 10 AM with the other chaplain and the social worker. The other chaplain called me this morning! :D

I have been largely absent from LJ for the last week for a few reasons, but the main one is that I've been in a complete funk because my boss has reached new lows. I have several funny stories I still want to post, but wasn't in a mood to post funny (although I have done a bit of writing on some of my WIPs in the angstier sections) and I debated posting a long rant about why my boss is a jerk, but he doesn't deserve that sort of word count. :P

When I had made that decision, I started a funny post, and then found out a friend died, so there went funny post. Her funeral was yesterday. She was 90 and had a massive stroke and died in the same day, but she'd had a wonderful Christmas with her family and was skyping her granddaughter the night before she died. I am not sad for her, but I sat with one of her close friends at the service who I'm also close to, and she told me that this year she had lost three of her closest friends and her sister. My heart just completely broke for her. When she says she's lost close friends, she's lost folks that she's been friends with longer than I have been alive. I can't even imagine . . . *hugs her*

I was rather upset that I hadn't heard about having a second interview. But now I have! And I REALLY want this job. I want to walk into my yearly evaluation next week and give notice. Or just outright quit and start my new job the next day. Either one is perfectly fine. ;)

Prayers, good thoughts, positive energy, happy, hopeful job-getting vibes . . . Any and all of the above would be greatly appreciated!

I hope all of you have a happy New Year! *HUGS*